Rewards & Referrals

Easy-to-use rewards program with a built-in innovative referral tool

Auto Value, Bumper to Bumper, Confidence Plus

Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance & Autoflow

Autoflow is proud to be a Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance approved provider for Shop Workflow, Customer Communication, Digital Vehicle Inspection, Quality Control and more.

Scroll down to learn more about the CSC program and Autoflow. Or go ahead and schedule a DEMO and we will walk you through the program and show you Autoflow in action.

The Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance and Autoflow approved provider program offers Auto Value, Bumper to Bumper, and Confidence Plus Certified Service Centers special CSC pricing.

As well as a fully featured risk-free two week trial, no credit card required.

Including SMS integration and full access to Autoflow’s Support Team and On Boarding / Training Team.

The first month of service as a Autoflow client is FREE as part of the Certified Service Center (CSC) program.

Texting is now a must, the average response time is just a few minutes. Voicemails go unheard more than half the time, and it may be hours before an email is responded to. A program that integrates with the shops’ process and shop management is crucial. Our customers really appreciate having better communication and a “show and tell” of what’s going on with their car.
We’ve had an overwhelming positive response.

Dave Jackson

Owner, 60 Minute Tune

Autoflow Core Features

Workflow and Communication

Workflow and Communication form the foundation of the Autoflow system. Update both your workflow and customers with simple point and click.

Digital Vehicle Inspection

Increase your Average Repair Order (ARO) as you build customer confidence and educate about needed repairs and service recommendations.

Work Order

Track your technician efficiency in your bays by going paperless with our digital work order.

Quality Control

Gain accountability and assurance that all work has been performed and that the vehicle is ready for customer pick up.

Rewards and Referrals

Rewards and Referrals enables shops to identify their most loyal customers and give meaningful rewards for referrals through our simple, no-hassle, easy-to-use rewards program.

Internal Chat

Enable your service writers and technicians to operate more efficiently and exchange information even faster. Avoid communication discrepancies with documented chat history.

Autoflow Add-Ons

Expand the power of your Autoflow system with Autoflow Kiosk or third party integrations.

Kiosk Checkin/Scheduler

Check in customers at the shop or link the scheduler on your website for customers to schedule appointments.


Add maintenance and repair videos that explain services, build trust, and aid sales directly to your Autoflow Digital Vehicle Inspections.


Quickly view scheduled vehicle maintenance in the Autoflow DVI, no other tool required.

Text to Pay

Text to Pay means you never have to take a credit card number over the phone verbally, again.

Autoflow SMS Integrations

Autoflow integrates with many popular Shop Management Systems at a variety of levels.
If you don’t see your SMS listed, no worries, Autoflow can run completely stand alone.
For a detailed break down on the Shop Management System integration levels please visit our integration page.


What our clients are saying about us.

Brad Slagle
S&S Tire and Auto Service Center – Phoenix, AZ

“Autoflow has been an amazing tool for S&S Tire and Auto Service in so many ways. It saves our team time in the way that the recommendations by our technicians send the pictures and videos directly to the service advisors computer where they can then send it to our customer. It has landed more sales because of the transparency it creates with S&S Tire and the customer. Our customers love the picture and video recommendations and state that in our social media reviews. It does not stop there, the Autoflow team is amazing to work with. They are very responsive to questions and suggestions. The Autoflow team really has a great program but yet they are always looking to improve upon it…”

Tommy Keeter
Christian Brothers Automotive – South Tulsa

“We were able to run our best 4 weeks ever while being short a staff member in the front office and still communicate well with our customers. Autoflow has helped eliminate 4-5 minute customer update calls with the click of a button.”
Tommy Keeter Christian Brothers Automotive – South Tulsa

Hannah K.
Kennedy Auto Solutions – Tomball, TX

“Autoflow is a vital tool for our business. It helps us to build trust and value with our customers by validating the repair and maintenance findings. It shows them the parts and places that we see when their vehicle is lifted off the ground. It also builds a strong record for their files with pictures and videos. The integration with Advance Automotive’s Virtual Vehicle program helps educate our customers as to why we recommend the services we recommend and what the repair or maintenance “does” to or for their vehicle. Thank you for developing and staying on top of this product that has supported our business growth since the beginning of our company. “

Packages and Pricing

Prices below are current street prices.

As a Auto Value Certified Service Center, Bumper to Bumper Certified Service Center or Confidence Plus Certified Service Center your shop is eligible for special CSC pricing. As well as a risk-free two week trial, no credit card required. SMS integration and full access to Autoflow’s Support Team and On Boarding Training Team is included.

The first month of service as a client is FREE as part of the Certified Service Center (CSC) program!









Technician Priority

Streamline your Technicians workload

Included Included Included

Service Reminders

Automated reminders for oil changes / state inspections

Included Included Included

Multiple Link Follow-up Text

Landing page with links for review sites

Included Included Included

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Automatic response to inbound texts

Included Included Included
Digital Vehicle Inspection

DVI Customer Insights

Analytics on Customer Engaugement

Included Included

Rainy Day Folder

Resell previously declined DVI items

Included Included
Work Order


Measure and manage your technicians’ workload

Quality Control
Rewards & Referrals
Internal Chat
Contactless Check-In/Scheduling
Autoflow Add-Ons
License Decoder + $30.00 Included
Motor + $20.00 Included


Requires AutoNetTV Subscription

Free Free

Moto Visuals

Requires Moto Visuals Subscription

Free Free


360 Payments | Gravity Payments | BASYS

Free Free Free

EasyPay Finance

Requires EasyPay Subscription

Free Free Free
Setup Fees
Overage Charges
Software Updates
Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Devices Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Answers to Your Questions

Is there a free trial period?

2 Week risk-free trial.

Are there Setup fees?

No. We do not charge any fees for Autoflow system setup, integration with your Shop Management System or for training.

Are there user or device limitations?

No. Your monthly subscription to Autoflow includes unlimited users and devices. Everyone in your shop can have a user ID and access Autoflow from whatever device they prefer or are near including desktop, laptop, tablet, and telephone.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Either Party may cancel their Agreement at any time upon at least ten (10) days advance written notice to the other Party.

Are there contracts or commitments?

No contracts and no commitments. We believe in earning your business everyday.

How long does it take to implement Autoflow into my shop?

The two-week fully-featured trial can usually be set up on the same day as your demo – the trial includes Shop Management System integration (if available with your SMS), onboarding, and training for your team.

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