Rewards & Referrals

Easy-to-use rewards program with a built-in innovative referral tool


Help your shop become more productive, streamlined, and profitable and assist your customers in staying informed and planning their day better.



Communication is the driving force that fuels your workflow and the domino effect of benefits that follows.  As communication gaps and delays diminish, wasted rack time is reduced, and your shop becomes more productive, streamlined, and profitable.

  • Customers stay informed throughout the repair process, from check-in to ready, and all the steps in between.
  • Proactive communication reduces unnecessary inbound phone calls.  Utilize your service writers more effectively.
  • No longer use personal cell phones to communicate with your customers.
  • Engage in two-way text conversations, which are archived with time/date stamps for future reference. Send pictures and PDFs as needed.
  • A single tap or click to send completed DVI or QC reports to your customers.

Text Manager


Text Manager gives users one central location to view and manage all customer text communication.

  • Inbound texts appear in the manager, eliminating the need to navigate back to a customer’s profile to continue a conversation occurring outside of an active ticket.
  • Filter which type of messages you want to see, whether it be just active clients, sent messages, or received messages.
  • Includes direct links to client profiles, vehicles, and the text-to-pay feature.
  • Send predefined outbound text messages as well as group messages.
  • Includes predictive text recognition to expedite communication.
  • See basic customer information.
    • Turn on/off text messages and emails.
    • Turn on/off follow-up messages.
    • See the vehicles associated with the customer’s account.
    • See what messages are scheduled to go out for that customer.

“The texting update is substantially easing stress on our staff by providing a clear and concise method to communicate with our clients. No more struggling to locate the client and send a message. No more starting a new “job” to accept a payment for a client who isn’t on site. Easily the most effective texting application out there!”
– Autoflow customer Lucas Underwood, owner of L&N Performance Auto Repair – Blowing Rock, NC

Service Reminders


Service Reminders are the next-gen evolution of the Reminders Queue in Autoflow. Users whose SMS achieves the Level 5 Integration Category with Autoflow will now have customizable automatic Oil Change and State Inspection reminders to leverage work to their clients.

Autoflow’s Service Reminders will automatically suggest scheduling for future oil changes and state inspections, giving you the power to customize your messaging and stay top-of-mind with your clients.


  • Automatic scheduling suggestions for service reminders after oil changes and state inspections
  • Automatically archive the type of oil used (synthetic, grade, weight)
  • Maintain full control of scheduled reminders
  • Customizable messaging
  • Repeat business by becoming top of mind with a service reminder
  • Automatic replacement of reminder if the car is serviced before the scheduled reminder
  • Easy tagged client history

Multiple Link Follow-Up and Review


Maintain Customer Relationships by sending customers a follow-up message that includes a link to a mobile-friendly landing page, which allows them to choose from up to four social review sites that have been preselected by the shop.

  • Customizable Title, Message Body, and Footer.
  • Include your review links. Google Review, Facebook Review, Yelp Review, and an optional custom link.
  • Include appointment scheduling link.
  • Include a Team Picture.



  • Added Convenience – your customer pays from their phone.
  • Streamlined Checkout – no more long lines for vehicle pickup at the end of day.
  • Time Saved – service advisors no longer chase customers for payments.
  • Tech Savviness – shows you’re on the cutting edge, just like the dealerships.
  • Security – demonstrates your commitment to the very highest payment security and PCI compliance standards.

Why Communication?

Communication with Autoflow empowers shops to customize their processes and sync with a Digital Workflow that automatically triggers text updates to keep clients informed and happy; easily send appointment reminders and follow-up and review messages, and archives communication history so shops can look back to iterate and improve communications process.

You can eliminate miscommunication! In Autoflow, all text communication with clients is recorded and archived in the cloud with modern encryption; accessible anywhere anytime.


Return on Investment

“If you do 100 inspections per month at an average of $250 per ARO, you could see a gain of 40%, which is $10,000. Check out our calculator below and your own combination to realize your ROI.”

ROI Calculator


At a glance, see your Return on Investment (ROI) and know what areas to target for process improvement.

In-depth end-to-end reporting that gives you unparalleled visibility into the inner workings of your automotive repair shop. See who’s engaging with the system, what they are recommending, track all aspects of your Autoflow system, and gain valuable insight into your ARO.