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Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI)

It’s time to increase ARO, speed up approvals, and build trust with your clients by taking advantage of Autoflow’s must-have Digital Vehicle Inspections (DVI)!

Digital Vehicle Inspection

Designed with Technicians in Mind

DVI establishes transparency and creates a state of trust with your customers, enabling them to make informed confident decisions on repair approvals by equipping them to understand the how and why behind recommended repairs and services.
  • Send repair recommendations including pictures, videos, and notes directly to the customer’s cell phone or email with a simple click.
  • Add multiple pictures per item with text markup to draw emphasis on problem areas and a 60-second video per category, if desired.
  • See if and when a picture or video was viewed and if a video was viewed in its entirety via DVI Customer Insights. Digital Vehicle Inspection

A Closer Look at Autoflow’s DVI

Section by Section

Vehicle Notes

Vehicle Notes

Reason Vehicle is Here


Service Intervals

Service Intervals

Work Order History

WO History

DVI History

DVI History

Multi-Axle Tire Inspection

Multi-Axle Tire Inspection

Autoflow does not require apps or downloads from you or your clients.

Why Choose Autoflow?

Consolidate Multiple Platforms and Subscriptions into One Autoflow Subscription!

DVI Customer Report

Your Clients’ Experience

  • Send the Customer Report with a single-click text or email to your customer.
  • Print for professional presentation to your customer.
  • No apps or downloads required for your customer.
  • Receive read notifications upon customer viewing the report.
  • Enables customers to call, email, or text the shop from within the report.
  • Customers are presented with custom pictures, videos, and notes.
Customer Report Front

Customer Report Overview

Clients receive a customizable text or email from your shop and follow a unique link to the Report Overview.

DVI Concerns in Customer Report

Client Info and Concerns

Clients see that you took down their concerns and if there were findings related to them with any notes, images, and videos you’ve attached.

DVI Immediate Attention on Customer Report

Recommended Attention

Clients access future and urgent recommendations for the service of their vehicle with notes, pictures, and videos.

DVI Pictures, Videos, Notes


To get Clients a closer look, Technicians can upload pictures with markups and videos up to 60 seconds long.

Got DVI?

Got DVI?

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Why DVI?

Why DVI?

Digital Vehicle Inspections were a great convenience item… Two years ago. DVI has quickly gone from a delighter that pleasantly surprised clients to a must-have in shops.

Customers expect to receive text updates and a comprehensive DVI Report that transparently informs them of the state of their vehicle. If you are not using DVI to its fullest potential, then you are falling behind and we can help catch you up.

Let’s Get Started!

Let’s Get Started!

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Autoflow DVI Integrations

Hunter Engineering Company

Autoflow’s cloud-based integration with Hunter Engineering Company makes it easier than ever to deliver alignment results by automatically transferring digital alignment results to Autoflow’s DVI!

Groove Glove

Autoflow’s cloud-based integration with Groove Glove by Tire Profiles is making the tire section of Autoflow inspections an absolute thrill, for techs and clients alike! Autoflow users can have full Groove Glove reports integrated beautifully to their DVI.
No Extra steps. Fully automatic. Simple.

Moto Visuals
AutoNet TV

Return on Investment

“If you do 100 inspections per month at an average of $250 per ARO, you could see a gain of 40%, which is $10,000. Check out our calculator below and your own combination to realize your ROI.”

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