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Humanizing Modern Communication – The Language of Commitment Goes Digital


January 26, 2023    
2:00 pm

We are on the cusp of a communication revolution with breakthrough AI programs like ChatGPT. Our ability to provide meaningful and fulfilling human interaction requires a new focus.

Back in October, we were thrilled to introduce our friends Dan Molloy and Darren McLea from Molloy Business Development Group when they brought to us the topic of “Commitment-Based Communication.”

The feedback we heard from our previous discussion was exceptionally positive so we’re proud to host Dan and Darren once again, this time applying the “Language of Commitment” to digital communication in your shop.

In this Webinar:

– Automation designed to support human action (not replace it)
– Applying tech touches to your check-in process
– How to use texting and email to reinforce the exchange of commitments with clients.
– Enhance relationships with tech touches.
– New communication and behavior that is consistent with your online offer.

Q&A is encouraged throughout the session via chat, questions will be answered live.