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Workflows for Waiters


April 7, 2022    
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

It isn’t uncommon for shops with high volumes of quick service tickets to encounter struggles with consistency and quality in their DVIs. Even if techs are performing great inspections, overwhelmed advisors might fail to communicate findings effectively. The most common excuse: “We handle a lot of waiters.”

The word ‘waiter’ elicits a strong emotional reaction in industry discussions.
Regardless of your feelings if your business accommodates a waiting client, you need a strategy in order to make this such occasions beneficial to your staff and your clients.

In this webinar, we will begin by discussing common workflow failures that occur with waiting clients and quick-service visits. Our team will then shift “in-tool” with Autoflow to demonstrate techniques you can try out immediately.

After attending you will have new tools to stay calm, in control, and keep organized while delivering great results for your waiting room users.