Protractor and autoflow

Immediately and seamlessly extend the functions of your Protractor SMS with autoflow’s Workflow, Communications, Digital Vehicle Inspection, Work Order, Quality Control and Rewards & Referrals.

Workflow and Communications

Use autoflow’s advanced workflow management and communications capabilities to manage your vehicle inventory like never before.

  • Keep customers instantly informed via text or email as their vehicle progresses through the shop.
  • Automatically add, and remove customers from the autoflow active customer board.
  • Communicate with the customer via two way text conversations.
  • Send images and PDF files as needed.

Appointment Sync

Booked appointments in Protractor are automatically added to the autoflow system. The customer will receive a confirmation text, and, most importantly, a reminder text the day before the appointment.

Digital Vehicle Inspection

In the bays your technicians can run vehicle inspections with autoflow’s Digital Vehicle Inspection software.

  • Run multiple inspections per vehicle, for example you can do a damage walk around, multi point inspection and even job specific sheets.
  • Create as many inspections sheets as you need.
  • Include video, pictures and notes.
  • Results can also be emailed or texted to the customer’s phone to inform and educate the customer on needed repairs.
  • Results can be pushed back into Protractor.

Automatic Package Add

autoflow can map to your Protractor packages to be automatically added from the autoflow digital vehicle inspection when pushed back to the Protractor Work Order.

  • Automatically add Protractor packages to your work order through the autoflow DVI.
  • Allow your Service Writer to save time when building work orders for customers.