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Promote your commitment to transparency in the auto repair process and highlight the use of Autoflow Digital Vehicle Inspections by using one of these badges on your automotive repair website. 

The Autoflow Digital Shield showcases transparency in the repair process. Giving customer the peace of mind that they will be kept informed thought the shop visit.

The digital shield is available in two sizes and in a light and dark version to fit in with your existing website theme. 

Autoflow Digital Shield – Light – 200×250
Autoflow Digital Shield – Light – 150×188
Autoflow Digital Shield – Dark – 200×250
Autoflow Digital Shield – Dark – 150×188

The Autoflow customer facing Digital Vehicle Inspection report badge will give new or returning customers a positive impression that your shop is technologically savvy. Using advanced tools to inform them of the state of their car. Allowing them to make confident decisions on recommended repairs and services.

The Digital Vehicle Inspection report badge is available in three sizes and should fit right in and compliment your existing website theme.

Autoflow DVI – 400×735
Autoflow DVI -300×551
Autoflow DVI -200×368