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Knowledge Base

Tire Inspection Sub Statuses

New Tire Inspection Sub Statuses

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2023 Webinars

Autoflow training webinars hosted by our industry's finest auto repair experts.

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Humanizing Modern Communication – The Language of Commitment Goes Digital

We are on the cusp of a communication revolution with breakthrough AI programs like ChatGPT. Tune into this webinar to see how this impact your auto repair shop or auto dealership.

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2022 Webinars

Expand and automate your Contactless Service program with Autoflow’s Calendar and Kiosk features.

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Release Notes

2022 Release Notes

DVI/WO/QC – Videos can now be downloaded from any worksheet. This is done by opening the video and clicking the new download button on the upper right of the video preview window. DVI – Sub-status pre-defined notes are no longer clipped with a “…” in mobile view. Beware, VERY long notes might get ugly, but users will no longer have to guess!

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