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What our clients are saying about us.

"Autoflow has been an amazing tool for S&S Tire and Auto Service in so many ways. It saves our team time in the way that the recommendations by our technicians send the pictures and videos directly to the service advisors computer where they can then send it to our customer. It has landed more sales because of the transparency it creates with S&S Tire and the customer. Our customers love the picture and video recommendations and state that in our social media reviews. It does not stop there, the Autoflow team is amazing to work with. They are very responsive to questions and suggestions. The Autoflow team really has a great program but yet they are always looking to improve upon it. The integration with Tire Shop by Freedom Soft makes it that much easier for our Team to use."

Brad Slagle

S&S Tire and Auto Service Center – Phoenix, AZ

"This truly is an outstanding tool for us, as we are constantly looking for ways to improve our customer's overall experience and get better as a company."

Mike Rizzo

President – Lex Brodies Tire Co.

"Autoflow is a vital tool for our business. It helps us to build trust and value with our customers by validating the repair and maintenance findings. It shows them the parts and places that we see when their vehicle is lifted off the ground. It also builds a strong record for their files with pictures and video. The integration with Advance Automotive’s Virtual Vehicle program helps educate our customers as to why we recommend the services we recommend and what the repair or maintenance “does” to or for their vehicle. Thank you for developing and staying on top of this product that has supported our business growth since the beginning of our company. "

Hannah K.

Kennedy Auto Solutions – Tomball, TX

"We were able to run our best 4 weeks ever while being short a staff member in the front office and still communicate well with our customers. Autoflow has helped eliminate 4-5 minute customer update calls with the click of a button."

Tommy Keeter

Christian Brothers Automotive – South Tulsa

"We explain the system to customers at check-in and they are always very impressed. It sends the message that we’re a leader when it comes to innovating and customers automatically assume that’s the same throughout our business. Autoflow is one of the best tools we have at our disposal."

Jeffrey Klima

Eagle Transmission – Houston, TX

“We've implemented the system at one of the stores. Customers are loving it! Every customer comments on it. Many have said that they like the fact that in just a second they can know the status of their car.”

Brian Klaubert

Christian Brothers Automotive – Hamilton Mill