Grab your popcorn and push play.

Record Your Bays.

Fast Forward Your Profits.

Bayflow is like movie night,
but this time you’re the hero.

Artificial Intelligent cameras

engineered to detect vehicles
and people in your service bays

Best in class software

compatible with most leading
shop management software

Are your service bays in 360 view?

What you can’t see might be costing you.

Underutilized bays

How often do your bays go unused, or worse how often are your bays reported as full even though the vehicles in them have not been touched for hours?

Chaos in your workflow

How long does it take for vehicles to reach available bays, or even more frustrating how often is a vehicle moved around your shop wasting precious time?

Inefficient technician management

With technicians shortages rampant how painful can it be when bottlenecks and technician assignment inefficiencies cut into your hard earned labor rate profits?

Blind spots in jobs becoming loss leaders

With supply chain issues and recent inflation dipping into profits, doesn’t it seem like an impossible task to micro manage all of the variables that impact your bottom line?

Never before seen real time data

Uncover blind spots that chip away at your margins

With our cameras you’ll get 20/20 vision of metrics never recorded before by the naked eye

  • Know your bay occupancy down to the minute
  • Uncover the exact time of every work order
  • Access the time each vehicle is in your bays
  • Reveal your technician’s time on each job

Cameras were installed in my shops and now it’s like I’m there, even when I’m not!

Founder, Shop Owner, Architect

AI Camera Technology

Cameras watch your bays, while you watch profits

Body detection

In real-time our cameras identify how long a technician is working on the vehicle

License plate identification

Even in not ideal conditions, using the latest in ai technology our cameras identify license plates

Work order pairing

Behind the scenes in real-time our cameras and software pairvehicles to their open work orders

Job tracking

With the latest in workflow management software every job completed is matched to a vehicle and the technicians

Engineered for leaders

Focus on growth, leave the micro managing to us.

Let our cameras do the micromanaging so you don’t have to

How does Bayflow help you avoid micromanaging?

  • You’ll discover which team members need training because they hover below efficiency levels
  • You can easily isolate specific jobs that create bottlenecks and cost you lost time
  • You’ll quickly uncover which of your expensive tools & equipment is sitting still
  • You’ll gain insights on how to avoid wasting time moving vehicles between bays like musical chairs
  • You’ll minimize the risk of unknowns with AI that tags every vehicles and tracks all body movement

Whether I’m on vacation or at the shop, the knowledge at my fingertips only clicks away has revealed bottlenecks I never could have known were costing me lost profits.

Founder, Shop Owner, Architect

Leverage the latest in ai

Artificial Intelligence,
but genuine results.

29 minutes saved on the average job

Cameras observed time wasted on jobs

Track workflow blindspots and fix leaks to soar profits

15% + technician efficiency

Cameras spotted technician bottlenecks

Learn which technician needs what training

25% + increase in bay efficiency

Cameras identified bay misallocation

Isolate bays and equipment getting underutilized

Track workflow blindspots and fix leaks to soar profits

Identify problem areas where technicians require training.

Isolate bays and equipment getting underutilized

Ready to record your bays and fast forward your profits?

What do you get?

2 birds with 1 stone

AI Cameras

  • Install included
  • Free replacement warranty
  • Complete setup
  • World class support


  • Integrations available
  • Free setup and onboarding
  • Unlimited training
  • Ongoing support


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1 hour diag gone wrong

We can show you that your 1 hour diag is not taking 1 hour. We have seen them run up to 15 hours of bay time

Identify those unknown vehicles

We can show you unknown vehicles that show up in your bays.  Don’t leave one vehicle behind!

Vehicle musical chairs

We can show you how many times a vehicle has pulled in and out of a bay, if that is 10 minutes a pop, do you want your guys pulling in vehicles 7 times, because we have proof it happens

Time is money

We can show you what tech did what job, and overlay the bay time, with the clocked time, with the body time.

Like a body cam too

We can show you that your technician clock time is no where near what your bay time shows.


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