Virtual inspections

Finally, a breakthrough in claims adjudication is here.


5X faster than waiting on a traditional inspection*

Get a virtual inspection in real time

With all the information you need at a fraction of the cost

Adjudicate a warranty claim faster than ever

Avoid the time consuming and costly proposition of doing traditional inspections

Speed up the claims approval process

By simply sending a text message link to shops


NAAC has found Autoflow to be a very valuable partner – trustworthy, dependable, and supportive. We get the information that we need now – not later – and really enjoy the cost savings. It’s a great tool!

Bill Rosenbach

VP of claims and risk management, North American Auto Care (NAAC)


5x less expensive than a traditional inspection*

Reduce your chances of fraud

Improve your loss ratios

No need for exhaustive trainings

Easy for repair technicians and service writers to access and use

Get pictures and video results in minutes

Avoid the cost of waiting days

“Our dealers and repair facilities love using iDVI. It’s intuitive, easy to use and the results are real-time. We’ve been able to reduce claim times by as much as 70%, getting our drivers back on the road quickly. If you’re looking for a way to immediately and dramatically improve the efficiency of your current claims adjudication process, I highly recommend iDVI. ”

Rob Davenport

President, Performance TruckGuard

Leap into the digital age with our virtual inspection software and save time and money!

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Cut out the middle man

Speed up the claims process with virtual inspections

Getting the essential information needed to adjudicate a warranty claim can be a very time consuming and costly proposition for all parties involved. iDVI can get the information you need to adjudicate a claim in real-time and at a fraction of the cost.

Get the pictures, videos, and notes you need in minutes – not days – by sending shops a link to Autoflow’s web-based Instant Digital Vehicle Inspection (iDVI).

10 hours

saved on every inspection*

We are using their iDVI (instant Digital Vehicle Inspection) to perform virtual inspections, and it’s proving to be an amazingly simple yet powerful tool both from the claim adjuster’s perspective and, most importantly, from that of the end user’s, being the service advisor/technician.

Bill Rosenbach

VP of claims and risk management, North American Auto Care (NAAC)


3 Easy Steps

A virtual inspection tool that gets you the vital information needed to quickly and confidently adjudicate a claim. Get the pictures, videos, and notes you need in minutes – not days – by working directly with the shop. Cut out the middle man completely by sending shops a link to Autoflow’s web-based Instant Digital Vehicle Inspection.

Step 01: Send

Send shops a secure link via email or text that will lead them to an easy-to-use in-browser inspection template that has already been customized to your needs.

Step 1: Send shops a secure link.

Step 02: Monitor

Monitor the progress of the inspection with real-time updates to the iDVI Dashboard and Workflow while the shop fills out the provided sections on the DVI with pictures, videos, and notes.

iDVI Step 2

Step 03: Verify

Receive the completed inspection with ability to quickly and easily request more information or changes using the same link as before.

Step 3: Receive the completed inspection.


Find out how much time and money CNA saved by adopting a virtual inspection program.

  • Supporting the traditional inspection process was costing CNA almost 2 full time resources.
  • The excessive phone calls, duplicate data entry and following up with the 3rd party inspection companies was costing CNA valuable time on every claim.


Both time & money

“The iDVI tool has been a tremendous win for both CNA National and our valued dealer partners. Not very often do we get to experience significantly improved efficiency, reduced costs all while improving the customer experience.”

Michael Bacosa

VP of Claims, CNA


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