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Easily add a scheduling widget to any website

Simply add a few lines of code to your website

Avoid phone tag and voicemail

Give your web visitors the tools to avoid making a phone call

Reduce no shows

Send automated text and email reminders

Online Scheduling Calendar

Engineered to streamline your appointment booking process

SMS Integration

Compatible with the leading shop management software


stop missing out on website conversions

Add a modern scheduler to your website


Add to any website


Appointment reminders


2-way Calendar Integration


Today’s modern consumer expects easy booking options

They want it to be mobile friendly

Nobody (almost) is still using their PC to begin their search to book their next auto repair appointment

They want near instant responses

Nobody likes to submit a form into cyberspace and wait hours if not days for a response


They want 2-way text communication

Nobody likes to place a phone call anymore and leave a voicemail only to wait hours and miss your call back

Trusted by shop owners, advisors, and technicians.

More than just our scheduling gets folks talking!

Gary Pontious Jr

"Great people to work with!"

Great program! Works very well and is dependable. Great people to work with as well. They have always responded quickly to any questions I have had.
Gary Pontious Jr
Toledo Auto Care

"Great people to work with!"

Great program! Works very well and is dependable. Great people to work with as well. They have always responded quickly to any questions I have had.
Gary Pontious Jr
Gary Pontious Jr
Toledo Auto Care
Hannah Kennedy

"It helps us to build trust and value with our customers"

Autoflow is a vital tool for our business. It helps us to build trust and value with our customers by validating the repair and maintenance findings. It shows them the parts and places that we see when their vehicle is lifted off the ground. It also builds a strong record for their files with pictures and videos. The integration...
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Hannah Kennedy
Kennedy Auto Solutions

"It helps us to build trust and value with our customers"

Autoflow is a vital tool for our business. It helps us to build trust and value with our customers by validating the repair and maintenance findings. It shows them the parts and places that we see when their vehicle is lifted off the ground. It also builds a strong record for their files with pictures and videos. The integration with Advance Automotive’s Virtual Vehicle program helps educate our customers as to why we recommend the services we recommend and what the repair or maintenance “does” to or for their vehicle. Thank you for developing and staying on top of this product that has supported our business growth since the beginning of our company.
Hannah Kennedy
Hannah Kennedy
Kennedy Auto Solutions


Save clicks and speed up your customer response time with SMS integration

We get your website and shop management system to talk

  • Easy to install web widget
  • Includes a kiosk for your lobby
  • Seamless integration with your workflow
  • Avoid double bookings with buffers and filters
Automation engineered to save you clicks and time

Calendar Integration

Level 1

SMS calendar sends information to us


Level 2

SMS calendar updates existing appointments


Level 3

Creates appt in SMS with existing customer


Level 4

Creates appt in SMS for non-existent client

August 2023

Level 5

Access SMS calendar avoid double booking

September 2023

We've made it easier and more affordable than ever to add a modern scheduling tool to your website and into your shop workflow

Get started today, no contracts, month to month, and you can cancel anytime.

Are you interested in how to adopt online scheduling and a kiosk into your digital workflow?

Here it is in a nut shell.

Whether you check in customers at the shop or you put a link to the scheduler on your website customers can book appointments.

Kiosk will allow a shop to attach the scheduler to their website for customers to schedule appointments which will go directly into Autoflow, and, soon to come, their Shop Management System (SMS). Alternatively, the Kiosk/Scheduler can be used for customers to check in at the shop and further avoid the counter rush and waiting for an available service advisor.


Every shop owner recognizes the dreaded logjam at the front counter during a rush. Customers wait impatiently, unable to get on with their busy days.

However, you can empower them to speed up the process before they arrive, by using Kiosk auto shop scheduling software. This frees up your staff and gets the auto repair process underway more quickly.

The power of auto shop scheduling software

Most shops have already tapped into the intelligence of software to manage and optimize appointment scheduling. As a result, they have seen the great benefits in customers scheduling their own appointments. 

With your staff now focused on other tasks, they become far more productive and deal with one-on-one interactions. As a bonus, this builds greater customer satisfaction.

Auto repair shop owners and managers can list countless ways that efficient online scheduling adds to their profits, including:

  • Shorter wait times on the phone and at the counter
  • Greater capacity to service more vehicles
  • Creating a better customers experience

Overall, automotive scheduling software makes this happen by automating and streamlining a process that your staff repeat every day. But, what if we could make it even better?

With Autoflow’s Kiosk, customers not only decide when to come, but they answer the typical questions before driving to the shop. This latest addition simply builds on the trusted Autoflow’s digital vehicle inspection (DVI) software and engaging communications platform.

Now, Autoflow has created a dedicated auto shop scheduling software that seamlessly integrates with its industry-leading DVI software. You have to see it to believe how much it will streamline check-ins at your shop.

Kiosk is available as a addon to any Autoflow tier – Basic, Standard, Advanced or Dealership.
Get in touch with us for a demo of the Kiosk Addon or the entire Autoflow digital suite.

Forget the Frustrations of Manual Scheduling

For years, shops relied on customers calling in during office hours and describing problems with their vehicles. This ate up hours of time as service advisors tried to identify exactly what didn’t work right.

Afterward, shop staff would write in an appointment book or fill in a block in a scheduling spreadsheet. These imperfect systems often led to double bookings in shops with larger staff or misunderstanding about a customer’s request. In short, it cost everyone time and money.

On the customer side, they found themselves explaining a problem they didn’t understand. This also interfered with their work days as they tried busy phone lines then waited in lines to hand in their keys.

Honestly, this process served everyone poorly. Shop staff invested their time in repetitive processes that could easily be automated. By paying them to do this type of work, shops made less profit. Surely, their time could pay off by working more efficiently and using their skills to drive more business.

However, a simple solution awaits that leads to smoother operations, shorter turnaround times and greater customer loyalty. Let’s find out more about Kiosk.

Introducing Kiosk: Your Auto Shop Scheduling Solution

With Kiosk, customers finally get the chance to shorten the appointment and check-in process with everyday technology. With their computers or phones, they can:

  • Schedule and confirm appointments from anywhere via your website
  • Check in and avoid the counter rush
  • Answer questions about why they seek your expertise
  • Select packaged jobs based on transparent pricing

Overall, Kiosk replicates the repetitive process at the front counter on the customer’s own time. They identify any major concerns about their vehicle and tell you if this problem has occurred before.

They can even check off a box to request a shuttle from your shop and sign off on approvals. All these actions take seconds yet add valuable minutes to their days and yours.

Benefits for your shop

On the shop side, your service advisor can quickly copy and paste links and check-in answers to repair orders, a CRM and other processes. By the time a customer arrives, they understand what is needed and get the service or repair underway. After all, it’s easier to schedule technicians ahead of time.

Even better, Kiosk integrates seamlessly with Autoflow’s existing DVI software. By adding the customers’ initial descriptions to the inspection process, techs get a first-hand summary of what to look for. That improves accuracy and efficiency all around.

When you use Kiosk for auto shop scheduling, you can tap into these benefits:

  • Streamlined and simplified customer check-ins
  • Less paperwork
  • Shorter wait times at the counter 

By adding electronic signatures and digital forms, you create a modern, streamlined experience that aligns with customers’ online shopping experiences. They feel right at home approving work with a click then awaiting digital updates.

When they pick available appointments, no one needs to fish around for a time to reschedule. Instead, automated appointment management fills in spots in real time and sends reminders right away. Everyone clearly sees the process and gets on with the job at hand – fixing cars to customers’ satisfaction.

As a result, customers feel you value their time and money. This builds more loyalty, which pays off with great word-of-mouth recommendations. Hey, you will likely start seeing even better reviews too!

After all, the customers get to decide how to interact with your shop – with text, email or an old-fashioned call. Now, you have insights to create more tailored customer interactions in your marketing campaigns. That enriches your relationship even further.

Customize Kiosk for Your Unique Needs

No matter how your shop rolls, you can adapt Kiosk to suit your auto shop’s workflows. With a few clicks, you can customize each step of the check-in process. This also aligns with specific business rules and preferences in your shop and your state.

For instance, you can create:

  • custom forms, 
  • your own intake questionnaires
  • service-specific checklists

Moreover, all this integrates with the great features you already have on your website. For customers, this creates one seamless online experience that reflects your professionalism. They simply make an appointment, then move to the next step.

By using your calendar and forms, they see your brand while providing information in real time. All this smoothly synchronizes with your systems and matches a consumer shift to digital solutions in every industry, including auto repair.

Customers will love the access to 24/7 online scheduling, even when they need to move an appointment. With a couple of clicks, they simply find a time that works in your calendar and conveniently book themselves in.

Likewise, your staff pop these times into your calendar without playing phone tag or “describe that noise again.” They can focus instead on assigning work to a tech or ordering parts sooner. That’s where you earn your money.

Integrate and Automate for Greater Efficiency

By merging appointment scheduling, check-in and DVIs, Autoflow’s Kiosk optimizes auto service workflows from booking to repair. This saves valuable staff time.

Upon arrival, customers can scan a QR code to begin their own check-in. From there, they follow these steps:

  1. Enter a phone number.
  2. Type in name, vehicle and mileage. Some fields will autofill for existing clients.
  3. Answer repair/ service questions created by staff.
  4. Select services from the menu options
  5. Review the data and correct errors.
  6. Click Submit and the KIOSK resets for the next client.

Now, that information flows efficiently into your other processes within seconds. Above all, it accurately captures the customer data and eliminates costly redundant manual tasks. You’ve just saved money towards your profits.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

While this works great for staff, it also creates happier customers. This speeds up and simplifies  their check-ins with a hassle-free experience. From here, they receive real-time updates about delays or completion of a repair.

These automated notifications via text or email deliver information transparently and proactively. It also makes customers more open to receiving other messages, like upcoming promotions, from you via these channels. That builds loyalty and profitability even further.

“Digital solutions like Kiosk help today’s auto repair shops stay competitive while giving customers the autonomy they want to book auto care on their own time,” says Chris Cloutier, Autoflow’s founder. “By adding it to your workflows, you’ll transform your scheduling processes within weeks and wonder how you worked without it.”

Investing in technology continually makes auto repair more efficient and profitable. As other shops jump aboard, don’t get left behind. Reach out today to see how Kiosk can make your morning check-ins so much better. Actually, we believe Kiosk will improve your whole day!

Kiosk in a nutshell

Overall, Kiosk streamlines existing processes with online bookings that integrate with every step of the auto service journey. Not only does it save staff time, but it gets customers in and out of your lobby more quickly in a welcoming way.

They will appreciate the chance to share their service requests without investing more minutes on their morning commute. And that reinforces their trust in your professional team. 

To see Kiosk in action, book a demo today. Within minutes, you’ll see how it will eliminate time-eating practices and free up your staff for other tasks. Start using everyone’s time more wisely with Kiosk today.

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