Rewards & Referrals

Easy-to-use rewards program with a built-in innovative referral tool

Rewards and Referrals

A Rewards and Referrals program the way it should be.

Rewards and Referrals

Simple, no-hassle

Rewards and Referrals enables shops to identify their most loyal customers and give meaningful rewards for referrals through our simple, no-hassle, easy-to-use rewards program.

The program is fully customizable, giving shops the ability to create their own point structure for customer referrals and visits, along with defining rewards, whether it be a free tire rotation or oil change.

  • Leverage the data entry your shop is already doing. Track and map referrals to as many levels as desired.
  • Determine your own point structure.
  • Define and create your own rewards.
  • Receive a reward earned indicator when a customer is eligible.
  • A single click takes you to the customer record where the reward can be redeemed.
  • Personalize the customer relationship even further with the ability to add a picture, DOB, and personal notes or reminders.
  • Utilize full reporting on visits, redeemed points, and referrals.
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“Many loyalty and rewards programs are executed backwards. Why burden customers with another card to carry or app to download? Why can’t businesses keep track of that for them? For one of my customers to be a part of this program, they have to be just that, a customer. My shop will keep track of their loyalty for them, the way it should be.”
Chris Cloutier

Founder of Autoflow and co-owner of Golden Rule Auto Care

Referral Tree Enhancement

Advanced Referral Tracking

RR Tree

Our unique view of a client’s referral tree now has a new piece of insight for you:
Total Tree Income!

  • Each person on the tree has a tabulated $ amount from their individual invoice history.
  • The numbers are combined to create the total tree income.
  • Only Integrations with SMS invoice history will see the $ value for clients referred.
  • This number is only visible to your shop.

Return on Investment

Determine the actual value of your customers, and identify top customers.

It costs more to acquire new customers than to keep existing customers.

“In a small business, your most loyal customers are your best salespeople,” explains Chris. “As small business owners, we tend to chase new customers and spend hundreds of dollars a month in advertising that nets us a very small rate of return. Rewards and Referrals is simple to use and gives credit to your number one sales and marketing resource, your customers.”
Chris Cloutier

Founder of Autoflow and co-owner of Golden Rule Auto Care


At a glance, see your Return on Investment (ROI) and know what areas to target for process improvement.

In-depth end-to-end reporting that gives you unparalleled visibility into the inner workings of your automotive repair shop. See who’s engaging with the system, what they are recommending, track all aspects of your Autoflow system, and gain valuable insight into your ARO.

Rewards and Referrals Reporting