Quality Control

Gain accountability and assurance that all work has been performed and that the vehicle is ready for customer pick up.

Quality Control

Work with Confidence

Quality Control implementation results in customer retention, add-on sales, shop credibility, and a positive reputation.

Gain the confidence of delivering vehicles to your customers in the condition they expected and paid for with no residual issues such as left-behind grease or tools and loose belts, hoses, or caps.

  • 100% configurable checklist with pass or fail items.
  • Vehicle pictures are carried over from DVI.
  • Preload notes, if desired.
  • Add multiple pictures per issue and a final 60 second video, if desired.
  • Completed inspection is archived in the customer record.
  • Deliver results to customers via email, text, or PDF.
autotext.me Quality Control

Addressed Items

Goodbye Perfect QC Checks!

Look. We know you’re good. Really good!
But perfect?
Go ahead and leave the issues you find in your QC process red. Mark them addressed with the new toggle as the issues are corrected.

Quality Control Addressed Items

Golden Rule Auto Care

Quality Control Case Study

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Return on Investment

Potential money lost is calculated by multiplying the number of vehicles with issues by the annual customer value, then by multiplying your annual churn rate of customers.

ROI Calculator


At a glance, see your Return on Investment (ROI) and know what areas to target for process improvement.

In-depth end-to-end reporting that gives you unparalleled visibility into the inner workings of your automotive repair shop. See who’s engaging with the system, what they are recommending, track all aspects of your Autoflow system, and gain valuable insight into your ARO.

Quality Control Reporting