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Improved Average Repair Order (ARO) Values

When customers can see exactly what’s wrong with their vehicles through photos or videos, they’re more likely to understand and approve suggested repairs, even for more expensive ones. This transparency can boost customer trust and lead to higher ARO values.

Efficient Workflow

By digitizing the inspection process, DVIs allow for more streamlined and efficient workflow, saving both time and money. This efficiency can lead to higher productivity, allowing for more jobs to be completed in the same amount of time.

Reduced Liability

A DVI system creates a clear record of the vehicle’s condition before and after repairs, reducing the potential for disputes or liability claims.

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Report Overview
Report Overview

Text the client your inspection

  • Custom text or email
  • Unique link with your brand
  • Mobile friendly display
Client Concerns
Client Concerns

Show them you care

  • Clients see you took down their concerns
  • They see your findings
  • Impress them with photos & videos

Build trust

  • Express your recommendations
  • Give notes explaining the why
  • Use photos and videos for added transparency

Better than a thousand words

  • Markup photos
  • Use videos to tell a story
  • Give customers a closer look

See Potential ROI

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Unlike a basic Digital Vehicle Inspection, we’ve simplified the process of establishing trust to unprecedented levels.

Easy to send

You’ll share a simple link to a clean view of their inspection

Easy to reply

Customers can text or confirm from their mobile device



Digital Vehicle Inspection establishes transparency and builds a relationship built on customer trust, enabling them to make informed confident decisions on repair approvals and vehicle maintenance by equipping them to understand the how and why behind recommended repairs and services.

  • Send repair recommendations including photos, videos, and notes directly to the customer’s cell phone or email with a simple click.
  • Eliminate the grease and guesswork of handwritten inspections.
  • Add multiple pictures per item with text markup to draw emphasis on problem areas and videos up to 5 minutes long per category, if desired.
  • Easily create multiple vehicle inspection sheets.
  • Utilize optional tire inspection section, if desired.
  • Repopulate previously declined services.
  • Enter notes with predictive text feature.
  • Digitally sign-off upon sheet completion.
  • Receive a notification when the customer opens DVI.
  • See if and when photos or videos were viewed and if a video was viewed in its entirety via DVI Customer Insights.
  • Completed sheets are archived in the customer records.
  • Vehicle Scheduled Maintenance (by MOTOR).

A Closer Look at Autoflow’s Digital Vehicle Inspection Software


Vehicle Inspection Notes

Reason Vehicle is Here

Service Intervals

Work Order History

DVI History

Multi-Axle Tire Inspection

Autoflow does not require apps or downloads from you or your clients.

DVI Customer Report


  • Send the Customer Report with a single-click text or email to your customer.
  • Print for professional presentation to your customer.
  • No apps or downloads required for your customer.
  • Receive read notifications upon customer viewing the inspection data.
  • Enables customers to call, email, or text the shop from within the report.
  • Customers are presented with custom photos, videos, and notes, along with an inspection checklist to detail what’s been done.

Customer Report Overview

Clients receive a customizable text or email from your shop and follow a unique link to the Report Overview.

Client Info and Concerns

Clients see that you took down their concerns about any vehicle issues and if there were findings related to them with any notes, images, and videos you’ve attached.

Recommended Attention

Clients access future and urgent recommendations for the service of their vehicle with notes, pictures, and videos.

Inspection Images

To get Clients a closer look, Technicians can upload pictures with markups and videos up to 5 minutes long.

Got DVI?

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Why DVI?

Digital Vehicle Inspections were a great convenience item… two years ago. Digital Vehicle Inspection software has quickly gone from a delighter that pleasantly surprised clients to a must-have in shops.

Customers expect to receive text updates throughout the vehicle inspection process and a comprehensive DVI Report that transparently informs them of the state of their vehicle. If you are not using digital vehicle inspections to their fullest potential, then you are falling behind. Let us help catch you up.

Chris Cloutier

Chris Cloutier

Architect/President at Autoflow

The Desire for Continuous Improvement

In April of 2016, Chris Cloutier and his brother, Patrick, business partner and ASE L1 Master-certified technician, landed on the front cover of Shop Owner Magazine.  Their story told in the article “Golden Rule Auto Care Yields Success By Putting Its Name To The Test,” explained how they transformed a struggling auto repair shop located in Rowlett, Texas, which they purchased off of Craigslist nearly fifteen years ago.

With a focus on education, training, and outreach, Chris and Patrick joined a Dealer Strategic Planning Twenty Group that meets every few months, where tire and automotive service dealers share best practices and how to improve profitability.  Chris is also involved in local business networking groups, including Toastmasters International.

With 21.1+ years experience as a software developer including employment stints at Southwest Airlines, Wyndham International, and with nationally syndicated morning radio show host, Kidd Kraddick, Chris saw the benefits of the marriage of software and customer service.  As an auto repair shop owner, he realized the need for a better way to communicate with his customers as he observed how communication gaps created bottleneck situations and wasted valuable rack time.

Possessing the entrepreneurial passion to create an innovative solution to solve a common industry problem, Chris designed Autoflow, a tool that dually functions as a visual workflow management system and as a means for keeping customers engaged and informed by providing status updates throughout the stages of the vehicle repair process.

In the October 2015 issue of Ratchet + Wrench Magazine, Golden Rule Auto Care’s story was featured in the recently multi-awarded article “Following the Golden Rule,” which shared how the implementation of Autoflow played a pivotal role in the shop’s process improvement.

Chris applied the familiar practice of quality control from the software industry to the auto repair industry with the December 2016 introduction of Autoflow’s digital quality control inspection add-on, which gives shops the confidence of delivering vehicles to customers in the condition they expected and paid for with no residual issues.

A DVI designed with a
in mind


Trusted by shop owners, advisors, and technicians.

1,452,000+ digital inspections sent!

Gary Pontious Jr

"Great people to work with!"

Great program! Works very well and is dependable. Great people to work with as well. They have always responded quickly to any questions I have had.
Gary Pontious Jr
Toledo Auto Care

"Great people to work with!"

Great program! Works very well and is dependable. Great people to work with as well. They have always responded quickly to any questions I have had.
Gary Pontious Jr
Gary Pontious Jr
Toledo Auto Care
Hannah Kennedy

"It helps us to build trust and value with our customers"

Autoflow is a vital tool for our business. It helps us to build trust and value with our customers by validating the repair and maintenance findings. It shows them the parts and places that we see when their vehicle is lifted off the ground. It also builds a strong record for their files with pictures and videos. The integration...
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Hannah Kennedy
Kennedy Auto Solutions

"It helps us to build trust and value with our customers"

Autoflow is a vital tool for our business. It helps us to build trust and value with our customers by validating the repair and maintenance findings. It shows them the parts and places that we see when their vehicle is lifted off the ground. It also builds a strong record for their files with pictures and videos. The integration with Advance Automotive’s Virtual Vehicle program helps educate our customers as to why we recommend the services we recommend and what the repair or maintenance “does” to or for their vehicle. Thank you for developing and staying on top of this product that has supported our business growth since the beginning of our company.
Hannah Kennedy
Hannah Kennedy
Kennedy Auto Solutions

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