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Our speakers are encouraged to attend and actively participate in Toastmasters International. We recognize the importance of developing communication skills as a lifelong practice and strive to maintain a high standard of professionalism in all engagements.

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Our speakers are committed to a strict standard of NO marketing in training. We recognize that nothing is more frustrating than attending a course only to find out it’s a product demo. Such occurrences devastate the value of training events. While we remain open to requests for speaking engagements on our tools and products, those types of events must be pre-arranged. When our course offerings touch on topics related to our expertise, the content and practices are always relevant to all-comers.

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Managing Change in Your Shop

Effective change management is crucial to long-term business success. We ask; Why are some shops successful at implementing positive change while others struggle? Focusing on relatable concepts that can be applied on a daily basis, attendees should emerge with greater confidence to implement the changes they have been meaning to get to. Using real examples, the concepts apply to all areas of life, and business. This is a beneficial and engaging course for the whole team to attend together. Topics: – Three keys for effective change – Models for managing change – Leadership strategies to instill new ways of thinking

The Art of Advising with DVI

Our job titles as Service Advisors and Service Consultants are not euphemisms. These titles accurately describe our professional responsibility to our clients. Digital Vehicle Inspections make it simple for us to own these titles. In this course, we’re aiming straight to the heart of professional service advising with digital inspections. Attendees will learn a proven process worthy of greater consistency and emerge equipped to leverage inspections in a way which ensures a win-win-win for their business, their staff, and their clients.
This is a great learning opportunity for the whole team as it provides insight into the full benefits of a well-implemented inspection process.

Topics Include:
– Learning the why of the DVI
– Learn the difference between a customer and a client
– Preparing the presentation in collaboration with techs
– When and how to send DVI’s
– How to ensure inspections are viewed
– Leverage inspections in the approval call
– Consulting for the next visit based on results

Beyond Change: Implementing and Mastering Digital Process

This class focuses on leading our teams to implement processes with technology that deliver consistent results. Processes can break down with any system, and it’s no different for shops with digital utilities. Attendees will learn best practices for leveraging digital vehicle inspections (DVI) as key components of a successful visit and how to use digital final quality control (QC) to ensure clients return for the right reasons. This course will follow the customer journey with a number of real examples that challenge our understanding of the cause and effect of process failures.

The Art of Final Quality Control

A successful client journey is realized the moment your client returns to your shop for service. This, however, is not true if it has been less than five minutes after your client picked up their keys!

We ask, how many vehicles are leaving your shop with problems?
How many problems are you catching before they leave? This course is for anyone that has ever suffered or wishes to prevent the consequences of a process failure that results in an unsatisfied customer… or worse.

None of us are perfect. This means we must have systems in place to manage imperfection. Only then can we say to our clients, “we won’t let you down.” With case studies from both outside and within our industry, attendees will learn strategies to analyze cause and effect, how to manage quality in each phase of a visit using technology, and communication techniques to ensure your clients are properly prepared for the next visit.

Adopting Front-of-House Technologies

Learn about front-of-house systems along with the best practices for adopting them in your business, and embark on a customer journey that weaves personal touch with a digital touch to create a top-of-the-line experience in your shop. Learn how to leverage technology to better your business!

Managing Back Office Numbers

Numbers don’t have to be overwhelming. This course is for the shop owner or manager who is uncomfortable sitting still and wants simple strategies for measuring their business in meaningful ways. Attendees will be introduced to a variety of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help your business punch above its weight and kick things to the next level. How are you measuring your Sales Numbers? Quality Control issues? Reviews? Training hours? All you need for this course is an open mind and a willingness to take the next step.

Speak Up! - Effective Communication

Glossophobia, the fear of public speaking, is a fear experienced by 76% of all people. It’s commonly the number one fear of the average person second to death. This course is designed to support and encourage you to face this fear head on in a positive environment.

Do you feel anxiety around speaking in public, conducting meetings, or doing in person (or online) presentations? Have you turned down an invitation to share your story, thoughts or ideas in a podcast or interview?

This session will be engaging for all attendees according to their comfort levels, and benefit anyone looking to improve their communication skills and enhance their leadership. Topics will include speaking techniques, how to give and receive useful feedback, impromptu speaking chances, and how to prepare and deliver a short, planned speech. At the conclusion of this course, you will be podcast ready and be well on your path to becoming an effective ambassador for our industry.

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Chris Cloutier

Software Architect | President

~ 20 years Toastmaster Veteran and founder of Autoflow, iDVI & Baywatcher

I’m Chris Cloutier, founder of Autoflow and co-owner of Golden Rule Auto Care in the Dallas, Texas area since 2011. I came from the software industry developing solutions for companies including Southwest Airlines and Wyndham International, where I saw the benefits of the marriage of software and service. After opening my own shop, I observed how communication gaps created bottleneck situations and wasted valuable rack time. I created Autoflow, a digital solution for workflow management, communication, vehicle inspections, work orders, quality control, and rewarding customer loyalty. I have since sought to help the industry move forward with adopting technology.

Listen to Chris on a recent podcast with Remarkable Results Radio

Craig O’Neill

VP of Training

~ 4 Year Toastmaster Veteran / Club President 2020-2021 VP of Education 2022-Current (Club #404)

From a young age, the family transmission shop provided Craig O’Neill with priceless experience in a variety of roles. With his greatest interest being in technology, Craig was always looking for ways to make a difference in his family’s business. By leveraging simple solutions such as DVI and texting he quickly recognized the positive influence digital systems played in enhancing both sales and client satisfaction. In 2018, he joined the Autoflow team and has developed training processes to support shops of all sizes as they launch digital systems. Craig and his team share a vision to promote the auto repair industry’s professional image through technology and excellence in communication.

Listen to Craig on a recent podcast with Remarkable Results Radio