Rewards & Referrals

Easy-to-use rewards program with a built-in innovative referral tool

For Heavy Equipment Dealers

Agricultural Equipment, Rental Equipment and Heavy Equipment Dealerships – Autoflow is a cloud-based tool that helps bridge communication gaps occurring inside and outside of your dealership.

Take control of your dealership shop workflow with Autoflow’s Workflow Management and Communications tools.

With Autoflow’s Workflow, create a custom workflow with your company-specific dashboard. A color-coded digital dashboard keeps everyone on the same page and provides instant status updates at a glance.

90% of people read a text message within the first 3 minutes!

Communicate with customers via text and improve response time. Easily track and manage customer sentiment with Autoflow’s Customer Score. Provide customers with an easy review tool that connects to Google, Facebook, and Yelp to build reviews.

Increase Average Repair Order by implementing Autoflow’s Digital Vehicle Inspection. Technicians can use their phones or tablets to easily record the inspection process, including Pictures, Videos, Notes and Repair Recommendations. Service Advisors can share the inspection with clients via email and text with a single click.

Gain accountability and the assurance that all work has been performed and that the equipment is ready for customer pickup. Autoflow’s Quality Control implementation results in customer retention, add-on sales, shop credibility, and a positive reputation.

Autoflow has solutions to these issues and many more. 

 Farming and Agriculture Equipment Dealer Software

Agricultural Equipment

Farming and Agriculture dealers operate their dealership’s service departments using Autoflow’s Workflow and Communications to manage and inform the customer visit end-to-end. Experience higher average repair orders with Digital Inspections. Track time and efficiency with Digital Work Order and TECHFLOW.

Equipment Rental Dealer Software

Rental Equipment

Equipment Rental Dealers leverage Autoflow’s Digital Inspections and Final Quality Control along with end-to-end Workflow and Communications solutions to manage their process from checkout to check-in. Streamline the process with Text-to-Pay. All inspections and custom communications are archived per visit.

Construction Equipment Dealer Software

Heavy Equipment

Construction and Heavy Equipment Dealers remove downtime with Autoflow’s color-coded dashboard keeping everyone on the same page and providing instant status updates at a glance. Use Digital Inspections to document repair requirements and manage the repair process with Digital Work Order.

Autoflow Solutions

Text Communication

Communication is the driving force that fuels your workflow and the domino effect of benefits that follows. As communication gaps and delays diminish, wasted time is reduced, and your business becomes more productive, streamlined, and profitable.

Autoflow’s two-way texting functionality enables you to communicate back and forth with your customer and includes the ability to send pictures and PDF files.

Workflow Communication

With a simple click of a button on an Autoflow customized workflow, your business just solved two problems. Chaos and confusion are avoided among personnel with each customer being tracked throughout the process, while customers are simultaneously sent instant status updates, enabling them to stay informed and plan their day better.

Autoflow’s fully configurable workflow can be used in any industry where multiple steps need to be tracked and customers benefit from receiving automated status updates on the key steps that you define.

Digital Inspection
Vehicle Inspection Customer Report

Present inspection data and repair recommendations directly to the customer with a simple click. Pictures, videos, notes, and repair recommendations are beautifully presented to the customer via their cell phone or email in an easy-to-navigate and understandable manner.

Digital Work Order / TECHFLOW
Vehicle Inspection Customer Report

Track your technician efficiency in your bays by going paperless with our digital work order. Allow your technician to pull up the work order on a tablet and clock different repair jobs on and off.


Measure and manage your technicians’ workload, one of the most important assets of your shop.

autotextme text-to-pay tier workflow

Give your customers the ability to pay their bill remotely!

A touchless solution that gives Autoflow clients the ability to send their customers a convenient text message or email that includes a link to pay their bill online.


Calendar equips you with the ability to more effectively manage and oversee operations.

View your schedule and tasks at hand displayed in either a day, week, month, or simple list format.

Autoflow Kiosk/Scheduler

Expand and automate your Contactless Service program with Autoflow’s Calendar and Kiosk features.

Calendar equips your business with the ability to more effectively manage and oversee their operations. View your schedule and tasks at hand displayed in either a day, week, month, or simple list format.

Internal Chat
Autoflow Kiosk/Scheduler

Save time using our internal chat tool to communicate within your shop.
Enable your service writers and technicians to operate more efficiently and exchange information even faster. Avoid communication discrepancies with documented chat history.

Rewards and Referrals
Autoflow Rewards & Referrals

Rewards and Referrals enable shops to identify their most loyal customers and give meaningful rewards for referrals through our simple, no-hassle, easy-to-use rewards program.

The program is fully customizable, giving shops the ability to create their own point structure for customer referrals and visits, along with defining rewards, whether it be a free tire rotation or oil change.

Multi Link Followup

Autoflow comes with some powerful features that—once configured—become powerful and automatic as you use Autoflow throughout your repair processes.

  • Multiple Link Followup and Review – Increase your 5 Star reviews!
  • Customer Score – Easily track and manage customer sentiment with’s Customer Score.
  • Rainy Day Folder – Following up on deferred or declined work has never been easier.


What our clients are saying about us.

Very easy to use and roll out! They are awesome to work with are looking for ways to customize the software to our unique processes!
Jason Collins

Store Manager, Lansdowne Moody Tractor