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Autoflow launches new commercial tire inspection

December 6, 2020

Autoflow launches new commercial tire inspection to allow multiple axles and easy customization

Dallas, TX – Autoflow redesigns its Digital Vehicle Inspection’s (DVI) tire section, enabling shops to achieve highly configurable tire inspections for standard four-wheel vehicles, trucks, trailers, tractors, and more. New features include multiple axles and improved mobile and desktop layouts for users.

“Our primary focus in this new release is configurability, which gives Autoflow clients more options and flexibility to customize their tire inspections,” states Chris Cloutier, founder of Autoflow and co-owner of multi-shop operation, Golden Rule Auto Care. “For example, a client can define a separate tire template for each DVI sheet yet also freely customize it if a vehicle has a different configuration. Clients will also appreciate added details and features such as the ability to rename and label axles.”

George Kingman, owner of BlueSky Tire & Auto and president of Advanced Shop Leadership adds, “The commercial tire industry has many opportunities to improve service to our fleet customers using DVI tools and technology. The ability to send information and pictures in a structured format will improve quality, communication, and transparency between dealers and fleet customers.”

Created and developed by a shop owner, Autoflow is proud to offer a critical piece of software for the commercial trucking industry. Autoflow is uniquely positioned to understand and identify the needs and challenges facing owners and shops today and focuses on streamlining everyday processes to help shops operate more efficiently and provide a customer service experience that lasts.

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