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Autoflow Launches Bayflow, its Revolutionary AI Breakthrough in Shop Management and Bay Efficiency (800 x 600 px)

Autoflow Launches Bayflow, its Revolutionary AI Breakthrough in Shop Management and Bay Efficiency

January 24, 2024

Dallas, TX – Autoflow announces Bayflow, a breakthrough in bay and shop management involving its best-in-class software and AI cameras, which was unveiled in Joe’s Garage at AAPEX 2023.

“With this new innovative tool, we’re now able to see metrics that we’ve never been able to see before. Bayflow can tell you which bays are truly efficient and profitable vs. which bays are costing you the most money,” states Brandon Crusha, co-product owner and former owner of Brotherhood Garage in Oklahoma.  “We can now determine “effective bay rate,” which is the amount of a sale divided by the actual number of hours a vehicle spends in a bay.  We can also easily track “musical bays” and how many times a car comes in and out during a single visit.”   

Bayflow uses artificial intelligent cameras engineered to detect vehicles and people in service bays, which serve to increase bay efficiency, isolate underutilized bays and equipment, and 

identify bottlenecks and technician assignment inefficiencies and training needs that cut into hard-earned labor rate profits.  Shops are equipped with the insight of knowing bay occupancy down to the minute and uncovering the exact time of every work order.

“At Autoflow, we have always been focused on the flow of your shop; this is that next level,” shares Chris Cloutier, founder of Autoflow and multi-shop owner of Dallas-based Golden Rule Auto Care.  “We’ve been working on this product for over five years.  We’ve climbed mountains and fallen into valleys but believe we now have a tool that will show shops something they have never seen before, which is true bay productivity.  We’ve used AI and machine learning to create a product that tells shops just how long that one hour diag really costs them. We even have the ability to measure body time on vehicles, which eliminates any guesswork and gives a more accurate depiction of work performed. The knowledge at my fingertips provided by Bayflow has revealed bottlenecks that I never could have known were costing me lost profits.”

Autoflow is a cloud-based, comprehensive, timesaving tool delivering digital, paperless solutions for workflow management, communication, service and follow-up reminders, digital vehicle inspections, work orders, quality control, and rewarding customer loyalty.  

Because Autoflow is created and developed by a shop owner, the company is uniquely positioned to understand the needs and challenges facing owners and shops today.  Visit Autoflow at, or call (469) 202-4090.To learn more and explore how Bayflow can uncover blind spots that chip away at your profit margins, visit

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