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Capture and improve auto repair technician efficiency with Techflow, powered by Autoflow

Capture and Improve Auto Repair Technician Efficiency with Techflow, Powered by Autoflow

June 15, 2023

Capture and Improve Auto Repair Technician Efficiency with Techflow, Powered by Autoflow

Jun 15, 2023Press Release

Dallas, TX – Techflow, a digital workflow engineered to maximize and manage technicians’ time, enables auto repair shops to determine how many hours are available in the day, assign jobs to technicians, and track overall technician and shop productivity.

“Techflow gives auto repair shops the advantage they need to maximize efficiency by showing all technician assignments in one easy place. In the Techflow dashboard, users can view how many hours are assigned to each technician and how many hours are completed, providing the exact details as to the workload each technician can handle,” explains Lead Trainer at Autoflow, Michael Catullo. “Techflow removes the guesswork from your operations, where you’re no longer wondering, ‘Can we do this job?’ ”

With labor shortages abounding in the auto repair field, Techflow addresses and helps alleviate that pain point. Shops will save time at the counter through Techflow by managing technician workloads with ease and keeping all jobs organized and prioritized by technician.

To learn more about Techflow and how it can impact your shop’s operations, visit, or call (469) 202-4090.

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