Rewards & Referrals

Easy-to-use rewards program with a built-in innovative referral tool

Web Widgets

We don’t make websites but we make them better…

At Autoflow, we don’t just build the tools to enhance your shop’s service, we also provide the web tools to leverage your website and social traffic to turn leads into appointments!

The best part is, you can manage your web tools from the same Autoflow app you’re familiar with. Enjoy seamless management of your shop and your website with Autoflow.

Chat Box – Real-time communication with website visitors CHAT BOX

Add the Autoflow Chat Box to your website and enable real-time communication with website visitors and Service Advisors.

Enable the ability to turn your website visitors into booked and confirmed appointments like never before.

Give it a try, click the blue cell phone icon down in the bottom right corner of this page.

Chat directly with Autoflow’s admin staff.

Scheduler – Autoflow’s Kiosk right on your website 24/7 SCHEDULER

Customers can schedule appointments directly from your website. Include a custom pre-appointment questionnaire with an optional menu board, prompt to address prior declined services from past DVIs. 

Once complete, customers will get a confirmation text, and reminder text the day before the appointment. 

Try it by clicking the Schedule Appointment button!