Work Order

Track your technician efficiency in your bays by going paperless with our digital work order. Allow your technician to pull up the work order on a tablet and clock on and off different repair jobs.

Work Order

  • Create a digital work order for your technician
  • Enable technicians to clock in and out of jobs
  • Attach pictures, notes, and videos, if desired
  • Print PDFs
  • Archive digital work orders for later reference
  • Robust reporting on technicians and overall efficiency of tickets and jobs
  • Text or email report to customer

“Who owns your customer data?” You do! It’s that simple.

It is your data. As an active customer, all your data is securely archived and immediately available 24/7.

If you decide to leave us for whatever reason, we will retain your history and allow you access to the archived data for up to a year.

Return on Investment

Tracking a technician’s efficiency is critical to understanding how quickly a job can get done. This allows a shop owner to gauge how many jobs can be completed throughout the day. Using autoflow on a tablet to track job times and efficiency yields greater productivity and higher profits.


In-depth end-to-end reporting that gives you unparalleled visibility into the inner workings of your automotive repair shop. See who’s engaging with the system, what they are recommending, track all aspects of your autoflow system, and gain valuable insight into your ARO.

At a glance, see your Return On Investment (ROI) and know what areas to target for process improvement.

  • Summarizes total work orders completed
  • Captures efficiency on tickets
  • Tracks images and videos on work orders