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Autoflow Launches Its New Marketing Module

March 24, 2023

Autoflow Launches Its New Marketing Module

Mar 24, 2023Press Release

Dallas, TX – Autoflow announces its new, robust marketing module feature, built to avoid slow days, reduce no-show customers, promote repeat business, and ensure that clients receive relevant, helpful follow-ups and reminders.

“With the successful launch of our new marketing module, Autoflow clients can turn on automated reminders, enabling them to cut out the expense of a separate CRM software. In building this module, we imagined saving our clients hundreds of dollars every month by having automated turn-key marketing reminders sent from the same platform they already use for texting and digital vehicle inspections,” shares Jeremy Glassco, Autoflow’s vice president of marketing. “Today’s service advisors are pulled in so many directions, and they don’t always have the time to send follow-ups or make phone calls. This marketing module was built to give our clients the ability to still communicate in both a timely and personal way, but through the ease of automated text and email messages.”

Shop administrators can craft personalized messages to reflect the culture and communication style of their shop, and, if short on time, they can turn on any of the turn-key default templates. Shops will further benefit from Autoflow’s follow-up and customer retention features, such as its Rainy Day folder, which is tightly integrated to the digital vehicle inspection (DVI) to follow up on previously deferred or declined work.

To start communicating with current and prospective clients in an entirely new way, see Autoflow’s marketing module quickly explained here: Marketing Module Quick Start.

To learn more about implementing Autoflow’s marketing module and how it can impact your business and customer service, visit or call (469) 202-4090.

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