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How to Switch From Paper to Vehicle Inspection Software

How to Switch From Paper to Vehicle Inspection Software

March 28, 2023

How to Switch From Paper to Vehicle Inspection Software

Mar 28, 2023Blog

Think about how many steps advisors and techs take around the shop every day to hand papers back and forth. Yet, all that wasted time can disappear with the use of vehicle inspection software.

But where do you even start to make the switch? As many shops have discovered, it’s easier than you think.

What does vehicle inspection software do?

Vehicle inspection software creates a digital workflow that tracks every aspect of a work order on computer and tablet screens. A digital vehicle inspection (DVI) file replaces paper and is shared between the service counter, the technician in the bay, and the customer.

As a result, all three easily send updates and track all previous communications digitally so everyone stays in the loop. It clears up human errors made in a rush since most choices are in checklists or clickable icons. All this happens without messy paper.

Why switch to vehicle inspection software?

First of all, customers love the ease and transparency of being “in the loop” during a repair. Techs can send them photos of worn parts before the service advisor sends estimates for new ones. Even better, they can pay you before they pick up their car so you don’t have to wait around.

Yet, shops have countless reasons of their own:

  • Standardized workflow streamlines repairs and eliminates room for error.
  • Service advisors can update customers on the status of any repair by checking one screen.
  • By tracking tech efficiency, you can boost your labor profit margin.

Shops that automate workflow clear away profit-eating bottlenecks that arise from parts-ordering delays or other miscommunications. Everything stays stored in one place, making shops that use digital vehicle inspections more efficient.

How do shops change from paper to DVIs?

If you’re ready to switch, follow five key steps:

  • Find a vehicle inspection software vendor.
    • First, talk with other shop owners to get their advice on who helped them adopt digital workflows. Next, check review sites and read about which companies earn the highest rankings, then reach out to them.
  • Set up a template inspection.
    • Pick a process and walk you through all the steps so you can see how it works. Ask for a demo and the good ones will have templates ready for you!
      Ultimately, you want to find a system that offers you the business tools needed. Those include taking photos and video from the bay and sending them via 2-way texting while integrating with your SMS and other third parties.
  • Train your staff.
    • Seek out a vendor that offers best-in-class training and world-class support to make the transition easier for everyone. In the end, once techs and advisors see how well DVIs work, they can change from paper to digital records.
  • Set measurable goals.
    • You know which metrics drive your business forward. Now, you can build them into your vehicle inspection software without crunching numbers at the end of every week. At this point, you can decide how long each service takes and set pricing based on that amount of time.
  • Measure metrics and adjust.
    • The data arising from DVIs gives you great intel on how your business is performing. Digital vehicle inspections deliver details via reports that keep you attuned to your shop’s changing dynamics. Now, you can track where you win or lose in terms of efficiency, then follow the numbers to earn even more profits.
  • Finally, give up your paper files.
    • You could have a bonfire or a shredding party since once you’re liberated from paper, you’ll never go back. Instead, you’ll find new efficiencies, hire more tech-savvy staff and grow your business.

The first step may feel like the hardest one, but countless shops have learned how this time investment pays off. You can do it too.

Lois Tuffin

Lois Tuffin

Automotive freelancer

Lois Tuffin