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Facepay press release Jan 26, 2022 (1)

Autoflow partners with Facepay to help boost profits and workflow for auto repair shops

January 26, 2023

Autoflow partners with Facepay to help boost profits and workflow for auto repair shops

Jan 26, 2023Press Release

Dallas, TX – Autoflow announces its partnership with Facepay, the only platform that increases profits by eliminating credit card processing (transaction) fees. Facepay frees shops from being stuck with existing credit card processors and allows them to provide customers with payment options, including contactless, monthly installments, and service subscription plans.

“Data shows that our top shops use the Autoflow DVI because the workflow requires less effort from service advisors to accept customer payments due to the latest in instant banking payment options,” shares Dr. Mark Hale, founder of Facepay. “When deciding where they’ll continue to get their vehicles serviced, today’s tech savvy customers expect a repair shop to be digital at all touch points.”

“Autoflow clients are uniquely equipped to leverage Facepay through automated texting in their workflows. If you want to offer a profitable payment experience, it’s as easy as adding your Facepay link to Autoflow’s text-to-pay link that is sent to customers when it’s time for payment,” explains Craig O’Neill, Autoflow’s vice president of training. “Setting the repair shop client’s expectations early on regarding payment options promotes the adoption of Facepay, making payment effortless for all, as well as preserving shop profits.”

Learn more in the following webinar recently hosted by Mark Hale, featuring guest speaker, Craig O’Neill, as they discussed the simple yet powerful tools that service advisors can use as they communicate inspection results and set expectations with their customers. Facepay Webinar: Beyond DVI: Avoid Common Workflow Mistakes Resulting in Lost OpportunityDescription.

For more information about Facepay, visit, or call (800) 403-0221. Visit Autoflow at, or call (469) 202-4090.

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