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Digital Vehicle Inspection Software A Secret Weapon to Boost Your Repair Shop's ARO (Website)

A Secret Weapon to Boost Your ARO

January 24, 2023

A Secret Weapon to Boost Your ARO

Jan 24, 2023Blog

Digital Vehicle Inspection Software: A Secret Weapon to Boost ARO

Most successful auto repair shops have one thing in common: a high average repair order (ARO). Specifically, they leverage digital vehicle inspection software to easily relate with their clients regarding vehicle health, and as a result earn more sales profits.

But how do you replicate their good fortune? You tap into their secret weapon.

For starters, modern shops use digital vehicle inspections (DVIs) for greater efficiency, quality control and presenting the client with buying opportunities. Even the best staff can benefit from implementing digital communication techniques into the steps they take every day during a repair. What makes this more efficient? Digital systems bring automation to your workflow.

Here, we reveal three key reasons why an automated workflow could become your secret weapon to boost your ARO.

Make your shop more productive

As a shop owner, you know any time spent on tedious tasks adds up fast and eats into your profits. Ultimately, saving time at every opportunity makes your team more efficient as they focus on wowing customers with their expertise.

Using digital vehicle inspection software:

  • Speeds up inspections as techs select common findings with ease
  • Presents pre-mapped recommendations (also known as canned jobs)
  • Saves time while building an estimate
  • Reduces the time it takes for clients to approve work

Don’t leave clients waiting around to hear what is wrong and how much it will cost. The sooner they approve the repair, the sooner you can get that car into a bay and generate revenue.

Quality control with digital vehicle inspection software

Fixing cars fast offers good customer service in one way but you still need to get the job done right. After all, that is how you earn five-star reviews and repeat customers. With an AutoFlow DVI, techs and service advisors follow a process of mapping inspection items to your pre-mapped recommendations. That way, no item found during the inspection gets missed when building the estimate. Further, our DVI’s quality control sheets ensure a staff member always takes a second look. As a result, recommendations are never made blindly based on a template.

This double-check applies to inspection finding, process requirements, and the overal deliveratbility of the clients vehicle including:

  • Proper ticket writeup
  • Proper ticket signoff
  • Reminder stickers
  • Warning lights on / reset
  • Vehicle cleanliness
  • Fluid levels
  • Wheel toque
  • Tire pressure
  • Client concern resolution

Upsell more services per visit

When a client sees photos or videos of their worn or damaged parts, it usually seals the deal on a recommendation. After all, they cannot deny the evidence in front of them.

This transparency quickly builds trust between your shop and your customers, boosting confidence in your ability to save their day. It also reassures that they are making the right choice by saying ‘yes.’

Once you get to that level of confidence that, backed up by photos and video proof, inspection software makes ‘the ask’ more natural, and often unnecessary.

When you diligently present all of your technicians findings, the more likely you are to sell additional services and boost your ARO. All you are doing is providing the client opportunity to buy legitimate services that address their specific needs.

Overall, once software clears away hundreds of small decisions in your day, you can really focus on the big picture. Digital vehicle inspection software empowers you to track vital details while focusing more on the people side of the business and adding value to your client relationships.

That, in the end, makes your shop the go-to place recommended by your loyal customers.

Joe Boyd