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Autoflow Releases its New Customizable Client Microsite for Improved DVI Viewing (800 x 600 px)

Autoflow Releases its New Customizable Client Microsite for Improved DVI Viewing

December 14, 2023

Dallas, TX –  Autoflow’s client microsite, which is the view that auto repair shop customers see when viewing their DVI, work order, or quality control inspection, has a new look with updated features and customization that equip shops to represent their style and branding.

“Autoflow’s updated, customizable microsite is a feature that came about due to the increased adoption of Digital Vehicle Inspections (DVIs).  With DVI now being a core part of routine auto repair visits at high-performing shops, it’s no longer enough to simply possess the ability to do a DVI,” shares Craig O’Neill, vice president of training at Autoflow.  “To set a shop apart from other high-performing shops, Autoflow now provides our clients with the means to easily alter the look, feel, and function of the customer experience.  This is a great toolset that ensures our clients can deliver a unique customer experience in comparison to even their strongest competitors.”

The new client microsite now gives service advisors the ability to preview a DVI before sending it to the customer.  Shops can also set the default customer view to a specific section of the DVI, including the tire inspection or the Reason Vehicle is Here (RVH) sections.  The new client guide enables shops to explain to customers the meaning of items marked green, yellow, or red. 

Autoflow proactively works with multi-shop operations (MSO) partners to uphold a universal brand experience. With a simple click of a button, all stores in a corporation, group, or network will receive the master format and design, enabling large MSOs or franchises to create a consistent experience for their customers that is intuitive and unique. 

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