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Autoflow Mechanic Tablets Boost Auto Repair Capacity and Revenue

Mechanic Tablets Boost Auto Repair Capacity and Revenue

December 14, 2023

Technology has transformed everything we do in a day, including how we work in auto repair shops. By now, most shops use shop management software to optimize workflows and processes. Adding a technician tablet marks one more step in that journey.

Using tablets in auto repair bays truly made for a game-changer. Mechanics find themselves better connected and updated to the front counter without making time-eating trips back and forth. They also eliminate costly errors that erode customer satisfaction.

So, how does a 10-inch tablet revolutionize your shop? We’ll walk through the smartest ways to make the most of this tech for your techs. In the end, it will make your shop more productive and profitable.

Why Use a Tablet for Your Auto Repair Shop?

With so many cars and customers coming and going, keeping track of repair orders can overwhelm any organized team. All the updates and parts orders add to the chaos.

However, by putting all the data into one shared digital file, everyone works on the same page without duplicating inputs. Rather than getting rooted to a desktop, tablets allow mechanics to walk into a bay with technology in their hand.

In this visual age, they can also quickly capture photos or videos to reinforce the need for a repair. How can a customer deny a recommendation when they see the evidence?

Ultimately, your auto repair shop works better due to:

  • Enhanced efficiency from updating files in real time without walking and talking to the service desk
  • Improved communication and collaboration as messages fly back and forth between workers
  • Data-driven decision making when you download all the information you need to make wise business choices

In the end, tablets become just as valuable as an impact wrench or a diagnostics code reader. However, you have to use it right.

Smart Ways to Use a Tablet to Streamline Operations

As with any tool, auto mechanics need to learn the best approaches to work most efficiently in your shop’s workflow. It may surprise you how many ways a mechanic tablet can work for you to build profit.

For example, these strategies boost productivity:

  • Digital Inspections – Work from a checklist to capture every step in key processes. Simply scroll through the pages for a comprehensive review.
  • Work Order Management – Keep track of whether a car awaits parts, sits on a hoist or is ready for pickup. Skip the verbal check-ins when a customer calls for a maintenance status update.
  • Recording Mechanic Hours – Don’t wait until the end of the day. Update timesheets as the day goes on.
  • Streamlining Parts Ordering – Having a parts ordering platform and canned jobs right in front of you speeds up this process. Pick the best price and fit, then click to order!
  • Access to Vehicle Information – Even the best tech doesn’t know every make and model inside out. Save time by looking up the details and getting answers in seconds.

Once mechanics master these steps, you’ll wonder how you ever operated without tablets in your bay. 

Pair Your Service Tablet with Autoflow

Of course, tablets just provide the hardware. Adding the right software makes all the difference in how it operates. With Autoflow, boost your reputation, confidence, productivity and accountability with tried-and-true programs.

Its digital vehicle inspection platform arose from years of real-life experience from people who saw opportunities to make shops run better:

    • Send digital vehicle inspections with diagrams to your customer’s cell phone or email with a click and never miss a response. This transparency and level of customer service builds trust with today’s tech-savvy consumer.
    • Autoflow’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to use our software on any device. All you need is an Android 10 operating system with 3GB available RAM (or less on another device) and  internet to connect you with your colleagues.
  • Text to pay, ask for reviews and send appointment reminders, thanks to two-way texting.

These seconds add up to minutes so you get more done in less time. Yet, standardized workflows avoid common mishaps to deliver higher quality control.

We’d love to show you how it works. Simply book a demo to see how you can adopt this technology for a risk-free 14-day trial.

Final Thoughts

Tapping into tablet technology opens up opportunities to run your shop with fewer errors and interruptions. As a result, a technician can work more efficiently as parts and communications flow seamlessly between departments.

With less time on the phone and more insights into customer data, shop owners learn day-to-day without tedious spreadsheets. By integrating tablets, you position yourself for sustainable growth that works with your current systems – only better.

Autoflow offers a clear on-ramp to modernizing and streamlining their operations. With down-to-earth, thorough training, your team will get up and running in no time. Pick a time for your demo today to see how Autoflow makes this evolution easy. 

FAQs about Mechanic Tablet Use

How do tablets enhance communication in an auto repair shop?

Tablets enhance communication when service technicians work on the same digital file as the front counter. This saves time and money for human error in handwritten notes and misheard messages. Tablets also save steps to update service advisors.

Can my auto repair shop integrate Autoflow into existing auto repair management systems?

Yes! Autoflow integrates with industry-leading shop management systems, such as Tekmetric, Shop-Ware and Protractor. It’s also compatible with the Apple iPad and any Android device. They share information seamlessly to optimize workflow and processes for auto repair shops.

What makes Autoflow stand out among other software options?

Autoflow stands out for its caring team, whose staff have walked in your shoes as shop owners or employees. They keep software simple and easy to use, while helping you run your business better. Finally, Autoflow’s support is second to none, setting the bar high then going the extra mile.

Can mechanics customize Autoflow to fit the unique needs of my shop?

It’s your auto repair shop, so customize your workflow your way in Autoflow. Use your preferred wording to label each step as you customize existing steps to your preferences during setup

Next, add or remove features or change the email address in Status Reports for sending out messages to customers.

How can I start using Autoflow for my auto repair shop?

Get started with Autoflow without any contract or commitment, regardless the size of your auto shop. Try its risk-free 14-day trial and 5-Step Blueprint for Success to see the Autoflow difference. Book a no-hassle call with an automotive industry expert to see how you can adopt this technology.

Chris Cloutier

Chris Cloutier

Architect/President at Autoflow

The Desire for Continuous Improvement

As an auto repair shop owner of Golden Rule Auto Care, Chris Cloutier realized the need for a better way to communicate with his customers as he observed how communication gaps created bottleneck situations and wasted valuable rack time.

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Chris Cloutier