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Autoflow enhances its DVI with MOTOR integration

July 18, 2018

Autoflow enhances its DVI with MOTOR integration

Dallas, TX – Autoflow takes their digital vehicle inspection to a new level through integration with MOTOR, a provider of trusted automotive data since 1903. The new add-on feature offers technicians the ability to quickly view scheduled vehicle maintenance charts directly within the digital inspection.

“We continue to evolve our digital vehicle inspection to be a living, breathing, real-time document,” explains Chris Cloutier, Autoflow founder and co-owner of multi-shop operation, Golden Rule Auto Care. “With the technicians in my shops having maintenance information right at their fingertips, they’re saving time and doing their jobs more effectively and efficiently.”

Created and developed by a shop owner, Autoflow is a cloud-based tool delivering digital solutions for workflow management, communication, vehicle inspections, work orders, quality control, and customer rewards and referrals. Autoflow integrates with a variety of shop management systems and focuses on streamlining everyday processes, resulting in greater shop efficiency, customer service, and profitability.

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