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Autoflow Work Order

Autoflow releases digital work order

January 2, 2018

Autoflow releases digital work order

Dallas, TX – Autoflow launches its new digital work order, empowering shops to further automate their workflow and go paperless in their bays. This new feature enables technicians to clock in and out of jobs and provides robust reporting that captures technician efficiency. Users can attach pictures, notes, and videos and archive work orders for future reference.

Autoflow strives to create enterprise software that’s innovative and powerful yet simple to use while providing solid up-time and quick, reliable support to its customers. The company continues to move forward with new features to launch later this year.

Created and developed by a shop owner, Autoflow is a cloud-based tool delivering digital solutions for workflow management, communication, vehicle inspections, work orders, quality control, and customer rewards and referrals. Autoflow integrates with a variety of shop management systems and focuses on streamlining everyday processes, resulting in greater shop efficiency, customer service, and profitability.

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