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5 Ways to Build Trust with a Digital Vehicle Inspection

January 16, 2023

5 Ways to Build Trust with a Digital Vehicle Inspection

by Jan 16, 2023

Without a doubt, few customers will admit they don’t know what’s wrong with their car or how to fix it. However, you can ease their car-repair anxiety by offering a digital vehicle inspection that makes the case for you.
The transparency of a Digital Vehicle Inspection can make all the difference. In short, it presents images and data to the customer and makes it simple for them to understand.
That way, they feel that shop staff are being honest and will tell others about their great customer experience.

Show them what’s wrong via a Digital Vehicle Inspection

Once a customer sees what is rusted, clogged or broken, they are more likely to trust you to fix it. As a result, the auto repair tech becomes a hero who makes their day by solving their problem. Above all, the focus goes from paying for an expense to finding a solution.
Staff could explain the repair over the phone, but it takes seconds for an image to clearly tell the story. Seeing worn brake pads or the rusted exhaust clamp on their own car makes them more likely to believe you. Shooting clear photos or video within a digital vehicle inspection and sending it via 2-way texting really opens their eyes.

Tell them how you’ll fix it

When a customer hears about a broken fuel pump or a timing belt, they may panic. Yet, when a Digital Vehicle Inspection shows images of the parts within an engine, it makes more sense.
On average, drivers worry about paying:

  • too much
  • for work they don’t need
  • for service that doesn’t resolve their problem

However, with a Digital Vehicle Inspection, you can show them why it will take a certain number of hours to make the repair. Consumer Reports advises drivers to consider their options and negotiate when finding a car repair shop they can trust.
To become one of those shops, share the digital vehicle inspection to show how you built the work order estimate. Before, customers may have worried about the upsell. Now, they see the true value of the work on their vehicle.

Give them a chance to read the digital vehicle inspection

No one likes to be put on the spot. If you are already uneasy about a car repair, hearing technical words then facing a decision makes the situation worse.
On the other hand, getting a text or email with details changes that dynamic. Now, customers have time to stop to review the message when they have a moment to spare.
This also gives them a chance to show it to a friend or spouse to check if your assessment matches their auto repair experience. This openness also earns their trust.

Make it easy to pay and get on their way

Ultimately, customers worry about getting to work on time or taking their child safely to soccer practice or Grandma’s house. They just want to know how much the repair will cost and when they can get back on the road. Yet, they don’t want a long explanation or a hassle to get to the shop before 5 p.m.
With Digital Vehicle Inspection integrations, you can make life far easier on them. Simply tap into a third party for video or remote payments and you’ve added even more convenience.

Focus on the long-term relationship

Face it, every interaction with a customer either builds or erodes trust. Once they find a reliable mechanic to fix their cars, they will stay with that shop for years.
With that in mind, your goal is to focus on reinforcing your technical expertise with data that matters to them. When you talk about them traveling safely, rather than looking at dollars and cents, you speak their language.
Taking the time to create these bonds, while using Digital Vehicle Inspection technology, will pay off with greater customer retention. And that trust can spread to their friends and family.
Once you get to this point, you’ll feel more comfortable asking for a five-star review to draw in even more business. Next, you can wow them with digital vehicle inspections too.

Craig O'Neill

Craig O'Neill

Vice President of Training

Craig O'Neill