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Digital Vehicle Inspection Is Worth Our Time

Digital Vehicle Inspection Is Worth Our Time

November 2, 2021

Digital Vehicle Inspection Is Worth Our Time

by Nov 2, 2021

There are a few areas to address when a technician states something to the notion of, “Doing the DVI is not worth my time.” Let’s tackle the reasons why a tech might feel this way.

The inspection takes too long to complete.

  • A non-paid courtesy inspection should not require any teardown and be no longer than 7 minutes for the tech to complete.
  • If the shop is requiring a long, thorough inspection, the tech should be paid for that time.

Examine the process that technicians are using to perform the Digital Vehicle Inspection.

  • A more efficient way to perform the DVI is to take all the pictures at the beginning, load them to the DVI, and then move them to the proper line.
  • The less efficient way is to go through the DVI line by line and take the pictures as they walk around the vehicle.

The technician does not see the value in the Digital Vehicle Inspection as a tool.

  • The DVI should be viewed by the tech as another tool in their toolbox, just the same as a torque wrench.
  • A tech is willing to spend $400 on a torque wrench (not including the interest when they are paying $30 a week) because they need it to do their job.
  • Performing a good DVI should earn them over 2.5 times the price of the wrench in as little as 15 days.
  • When a tech can see this value, the DVI becomes a tool they are willing to pay for.
Take the time to find out why a technician may believe the DVI is a waste of their time. You will more than likely find the reason(s) to be one or more of the above. Once you gain this understanding, you should then be able to overcome and debunk those objections.
Michael Catullo

Michael Catullo

Head Trainer

Michael Catullo