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Digital Vehicle Inspections are not all created equal.

Not all DVIs are created equal

August 11, 2020

Not all DVIs are created equal

by Aug 11, 2020

Like any tool a technician uses, Digital Vehicle Inspections are not all created equal.

Take a standard issued flathead screw-driver, for example. Every technician has a set of these. The tool is so commonplace that a casual observer might logically expect flathead screws to be a frequent universal fastener found on modern automobiles; however, the reality is much different. A screwdriver is also a pry-bar, chisel, wedge, snap-ring remover, or punch.

In a polite nod to the reality of shop life along with enough broken lifetime warrantied screwdrivers, tool manufacturers stepped up and designed the auto mechanics’ flathead screwdriver to be much more adaptable to these functions.

Does a technician then refuse to be equipped with pry-bars, chisels, or other special tools? Does he ask his tool guy “why would I need these?

Such is the case for DVIs. When software is designed and specialized for the task of performing exceptional inspections, it will be more effective than software designed with other tasks in mind.

What does a specialized DVI look like?

It has the following characteristics:

  • Can upload multiple images/videos
  • Space for notes
  • Predefined recommendation notes to reduce typing
  • Broad device compatibility
  • Detailed administrator reporting / benchmarking
  • Client results easily shared via text/email
  • Thorough client view, separate from the estimate
  • Seamless integration with your management software

At the end of the day, professionals understand that the right tool for the right job is invaluable to the operation. Make sure your DVI is designed for the task.

Craig O'Neill

Craig O'Neill

Vice President of Training

Craig O'Neill