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What is a Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI)?

December 10, 2019

What is a Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI)?

by Dec 10, 2019

A frequent topic in industry discussions, it’s probable that you’ve heard the term “Digital Vehicle Inspection” or “DVI” mentioned in podcasts or management seminars.  While DVI is becoming common knowledge, asking “what it is” might be the most important question you’ve asked relating to your business.

What is a DVI?

  • A tool for conducting vehicle inspections electronically.
  • Replaces clipboards and paper inspection sheets with tablets or smartphones.
  • Technicians can take photos and videos and attach them directly to their report.
  • DVI for a client means receiving instant, clean, and clear information on any device about their vehicle’s overall health.

Now that we know what a DVI is, why use it?

  • Your clients are getting information through digital media. Shouldn’t it be from you?
  • Lengthy sales calls are eliminated. Pictures are worth a thousand words!
  • Clients have tangible evidence that you REALLY looked at their car!
  • Clients are left with a savvy, technologically advanced impression of your shop.
  • Informed clients are better positioned to make confident decisions on recommended repairs and services.

 Knowing what a DVI is will mean one of two things for you in your market:

1. You are going to be the first shop in your area to begin leveraging the DVI.


2. You are going to adopt the DVI to catch up to new expectations set by your competitors.

Bonus Video Content

Chris Cloutier and Craig O’Neill of Autoflow talk with Mike Maleski multi-shop owner at PSK Performance LLC and PSK Auto Repair on the topic “What is a Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI)?”
Craig O'Neill

Craig O'Neill

Vice President of Training

Craig O'Neill