Why Vehicle Inspection Software Should Never Slow You Down (800 × 600 px)

Why Vehicle Inspection Software Should Never Slow You Down

February 28, 2023

Why Vehicle Inspection Software Should Never Slow You Down

by Feb 28, 2023Blog

When your shop fills up with cars, you don’t have time waiting for clunky software to do its job. If your vehicle inspection software can’t keep up with your pace of work, you need to find one that does.

Digital vehicle inspections (DVIs) can really make or break your shop when they align with your systems. After all, this technology sweeps away the repetitive tasks that used to eat up time in the shop every day.

Stop wasting time waiting for screens to load or filling in fields that your shop management system (SMS) should complete. Instead, tap into a cloud-based tool that provides leading digital service solutions to your technicians, service writers and clients.

Keep your techs happy with each click

Above all, you want to get cars inspected and service recommendations to clients in a timely way. With the right vehicle inspection software, you can do more inspections in less time thanks to standardized workflows.

At the same time, techs avoid common mishaps by using a quality control sheet. You can set it up to have all the items checked off or begin with a blank slate. Either way, you never miss a step again – no matter how fast you go.

Speed up the time each tech spends on a car thanks to:

  • An intuitive user interface that makes it easy to use
  • Fast photo uploads
  • The connection between your vehicle inspection software and the data in your SMS

Our DVIs mesh seamlessly with every mainstream SMS, including Tekmetric, Protractor and Shop-ware. Techs just need to point and click to update the files going back to your front counter.

Track your benchmarks in vehicle inspection software

An effective vehicle inspection software uses automation to keep your bays full and techs busy to maximize efficiency.

For starters, service advisors can draw on automated recommendations to save them from rewriting new ones from scratch. They can also read notes in the customer insight feature to anticipate questions from clients.

From check-in to vehicle pickup, every step flows more smoothly.

Simply add on third-party power ups for remote payments, expert video content and data sharing.

Most importantly, owners can set benchmarks and track them if your vehicle inspection software comes with strong reporting features. When you encourage the full team to use and send DVIs, you can see where steps go right or wrong.

Even better, you can fix any gaps to become more profitable.

Earn your customers’ trust

In the end, the customer matters the most. So, you’ll be pleased to know that clients love the interaction with vehicle inspection software.

The inspection reports show up clearly on any smartphone, eliminating time-consuming questions. The layout makes it easy to understand why they should say ‘yes’ and proceed with the repair.

Next, your techs can swing into action and get the job done. As you can see, using DVIs every step of the way modernizes your shop and enables everyone to work more efficiently.

These time-saving and relationship-building features are just part of the reason to invest in AutoFlow vehicle inspection software.

Lois Tuffin

Lois Tuffin

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Lois Tuffin