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Autoflow Introduces its Website Widgets to Promote Text Conversations and Appointments from Website Visitors

February 10, 2023

Autoflow Introduces its Website Widgets to Promote Text Conversations and Appointments from Website Visitors

Feb 10, 2023Press Release

Dallas, TX – Autoflow announces its website widgets that are designed to maximize the opportunity of turning website visitors into engaging text conversations and booked appointments. The chat-to-text widget enables real-time communication with service advisors, while the appointment scheduler widget allows appointments to be booked directly from the shop’s website and includes a custom pre-appointment questionnaire as well as a prompt to address prior declined services from previous Digital Vehicle Inspections (DVIs).

“With Autoflow’s chat-to-text widget, it’s a quick conversation that simply reduces inbound customer phone calls and saves a lot of time for me and our customers,” shares Colin Watson, service advisor at Dallas-based Golden Rule Auto Care. “The appointment scheduler is also a timesaver for everyone because, once again, it accommodates customers by enabling them to proactively set their appointment when ready to do so, which they tend to take care of after normal business hours. This opens up the door for us to passively engage customers while we are not physically at the shop.”

“Whether our clients have an amazing website built by our industry’s finest web builders such as Auto Shop Solutions, Tread Partners, and Shop Marketing Pros, or a raw HTTP website left over from 1999, we’re delighted to provide an easy and effective way to help convert a website visitor into a text conversation,” explains Jeremy Glassco, Autoflow’s vice president of marketing. “Now, through a simple line of code, our clients can equip their website visitors with an easy way to initiate a text dialogue or book an appointment directly from their website.”

Autoflow’s chat-to-text and appointment scheduler website widgets can be viewed in action at To learn more about implementing Autoflow’s web widgets, visit, or call (469) 202-4090.

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