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Autoflow Launches Its New Email Builder to Boost Business and Prompt Customer Engagement (800 x 600 px)

Autoflow Launches Its New Email Builder to Boost Business and Prompt Customer Engagement

October 19, 2023

Dallas, TX – Autoflow announces its new email builder, a recently launched feature in its robust CRM Marketing Module.  The new email builder is a fully integrated drag-and-drop solution that makes creating and sending service reminders, appointment reminders, and email campaigns easier and faster.

“Creating an effective marketing email is no easy feat. After meticulously gathering and reviewing client feedback, we set out to find the best of the best in email design tools. This new integration will not only streamline the email design process but also equip Autoflow users with unprecedented creative freedom,” shares Autoflow’s Chief Technology Officer, Cody Fraley.

Autoflow’s intuitive, user-friendly interface ensures that crafting effective emails is done with ease and harnesses the power of AI (artificial intelligence) to optimize email content and increase engagement.  It additionally provides in-depth analytics and reporting to help shops track and improve their campaigns.  Users can also stay ahead of the curve by incorporating text messaging into their marketing strategies to reach audiences on their preferred channels.

Autoflow’s email builder equips shops to unleash the power of email marketing, which 2023 research has shown to be an effective and relevant channel to drive in business.  See the new email builder quickly explained here: learn more about implementing Autoflow’s marketing module, built to avoid slow days, reduce no-show customers, promote repeat business, and ensure that clients receive relevant, helpful follow-ups and reminders, visit, or call (469) 202-4090.

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