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Avoid Costly Mistakes and Safeguard Your Shop’s Reputation with Autoflow’s Digital Quality Control Feature (800 x 600 px)

Avoid Costly Mistakes and Safeguard Your Shop’s Reputation with Autoflow’s Digital Quality Control Feature

October 26, 2023

Dallas, TX –  Autoflow’s digital quality control feature gives shops the confidence of delivering vehicles to customers in the condition they expected and paid for with no residual issues such as left behind grease, fluids that weren’t filled up, forgotten oil change stickers, and tools mistakenly left in vehicles.

The feature was created after Autoflow founder and multi-shop owner, Chris Cloutier, conducted a two-day case study at his first repair shop, Golden Rule Auto Care of Rowlett, Texas, and found residual issues with 80 percent of serviced vehicles after they had undergone quality control inspections.  As a software engineer, Cloutier shares why he applied the familiar practice of quality control to the auto repair industry.  “Software is not released until a separate team or person reviews and tests it for bugs. Technicians make mistakes like all of us, yet we depend on them to be perfect. Having a second set of eyes tremendously helps cut down on many minor issues. Since implementing our digital quality control process, it hasn’t stopped us from making mistakes; however, now, we find them before our customers do.”

Autoflow users will also benefit from high-level and detailed reports that summarize the frequency and types of errors caught, which better equips shops to measure and manage where corrective action is needed.

With shops now utilizing digital vehicle inspections at check-in, a digital quality control inspection at checkout ensures a confident, closed-loop process where residual mistakes are caught and corrected.  Statistics show that it costs seven times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing customer.  Quality Control implementation builds customer retention, increases add-on sales, and safeguards shop credibility. 

See the full Golden Rule Auto Care case study that started it all:

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