MaddenCo Ticket Transfer

MaddenCo Ticket Transfer

Add your clients to the Autoflow dashboard using this process in MaddenCo’s web-based Point of Sale.

Step One – Select Your Customer

1 Ticket add-min

From the invoicing system on the Point Of Sale page:

  • Click Start Work Order
  • Select customer
  • If using cash retail customer (1) select it and proceed to step 2
  • Search customer
  • Click Confirm

Step Two – Add a Vehicle

2 Vehicle YMM

Once a customer is confirmed, add a vehicle.

Required inputs for ticket transfer are:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Option: Retail Customer (1) you need to enter Customer Name, Address, and Cell Phone number to the Ship-To section during the next step.

Click Confirm once entered.

Additional inputs are welcome, but for tickets to transfer into Autoflow, YMM is the required minimum. The ticket Transfer will not occur without those inputs.

Alert: Phone numbers for Retail Customers MUST be unique, or you risk overwriting previous customer information in Autoflow.

Step Three – Confirm

3. Confirm

Create Work Order – Confirm Ticket Transfer Criteria

Click Confirm!

Step 4 – (Optional) Add Message to guide Technicians

4. RVH

The RVH is a helpful input for techs to guide their inspections. Messages entered here will appear on techs’ tablets when performing Digital Inspections.

After opting to create the work order:

  • Click Add Message
  • Type information relevant to the service here (What you type will be visible to customers later on)
  • Click Confirm
5. End Invoice
6. Confirm Reason
7. Complete

Click End Invoice

To transfer, click End Invoice

Confirm Reason

Select a status matching your workflow in Autoflow


You’re ready to communicate with clients and perform DVI’s!

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