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Automotive Dealerships that service and sell Next-Gen vehicles deserve Next-Gen software.

IDMS + Omnique + Autoflow
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Transparency in Sales

Transparency in Sales

Everyone buying a used vehicle will ask the same question: What has this vehicle been through?
aWith DealerSocket, Autoflow can help your clients remove the unknown and make confident buying decisions.
  • Add the link for your Autoflow Digital Vehicle Inspection to the vehicle profile for online sales
  • Show your buyers what you’ve already addressed after your initial inspections
No Double Entry - Cloud-based integration

No Double Entry – Cloud-based integration

  • Long standing integration partners Omnique and Autoflow integrate thoroughly.
  • Manage internal and external communication, inspections, and workflow without double entry
See how we integrate:
Recon and Service - Workflow management / Paperless solution

Recon and Service – Workflow management / Paperless solution

  • Workflow is 100% customizable and easy to configure to fit your processes
  • Real time, view of your entire vehicle inventory or active service tickets
  • Automatic status updates and customized follow ups to your customers
  • Identify your process bottle-necks


  • Internal Chat makes communication between the team easy and instant, dramatically reducing time wasting interruptions 
  • 2 way texting from any workstation or device
  • Internal and External reminders for any type of follow up or maintenance items

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