RW5 Ticket Transfer

From RepairWriter 5 to your Autoflow Active Customer Page

Transfer Criteria:

For a transfer to occur, your ticket must contain these items:
  • Customer first and last name
  • Phone number in cell field (if cell field is blank it will pull from home, then work and then alternate)
  • Year, Make and Model of vehicle
RepairWriter 5 Statuses

The Trigger

  • Selecting the “Check In” status in RepairWriter 5 will transfer the ticket to Autoflow
  • Once on the ticket is on the Active Customer page, selecting any status in Repairwriter 5 will change the status in Autoflow and send the associated text message.
  • Collecting payment or ARing a repair order in RepairWriter 5 will close the customer off the Autoflow Active Customer page.
RepairWriter 5 statuses mapped to Autoflow

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