Tekmetric Package Mapping

Perform DVI in Autoflow

  • Perform your inspection in Autoflow.
  • Items marked red or yellow, if setup, can trigger a canned job to automatically appear in the estimate in Tekmetric.
  • When the DVI is signed off, results can automatically, or manually be sent to Tekmetric.

How it Works

TM Estimate
  • Upon DVI completion/push into Tekmetric.
  • The inspection details appear on the inspection tab in Tekmetric.
  • Mapped Canned Job are added To the estimate tab in Tekmetric.

Setup in Autoflow


Setup only take s a few seconds.

  • Log in as admin.
  • Go to DVI Sheet Setup.
  • Find the line on the DVI you would like the job attached to.
  • Click on the SMS Code for that line.
  • Paste or type the exact Job Title in the SMS Code field.

What You Need from Tekmetric

TM Job title
  • Create or find the canned job you want to map in the searchable Canned Jobs.
  • Copy or note the Job Title exactly.
  • Paste the job title into the line item desired in Autoflow.

Watch the Tutorial

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