Tekmetric Integrated DVI

Build the inspections in Autoflow with the information from Tekmetric

Autoflow DVI initiation

Purpose for Visit as the Reason Vehicle is Here (RVH)

  • Concern notes added in Tekmetric will appear at the top of the DVI for the technicians
  • Techs acknowledge the concerns before submitting the DVI

Tekmetric Repair History

  • Jobs from Tekmetric will be noted along with the date they were performed
Autoflow Complete Inspection

Tech Sign’s off on the DVI, Submits to SMS

  • Technicians can submit to the SMS, and so can Service Advisors
  • Any edits the SA makes may also be submitted subsequently
  • Multiple forms can be submitted in a single visit
  • The Submit button turns green when successful

NOTE: Only the Service Advisor can text the inspection to the customer

Autoflow DVI Import Tekmetric

Imported results are instantly available in Tekmetric

  1. The inspection tab will contain the results of any imported sheets
  2. The title of the inspection is imported from Autoflow
  3. Only the items marked green, yellow, or red in the inspection appear.
Tekmetric Full results DVI

Notes and Pictures

  • The full detail of the notes will accompany the pictures.
  • The images do not show markups like they do in Autoflow. For the image markups to appear for the client, results must be texted from Autoflow.

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