Tekmetric User Mapping

Assigned tickets in Tekmetric will be assigned in Autoflow as well

Tekmetric User Mapping

Assign staff in Tekmetric

  • Do this from the RO Details tab in the Summary
  • Service writers can be switched, but will be assigned logically based on the user that created the ticket.
Autoflow Users

Ticket transfers with proper individuals assigned

  • Assigned staff must be users in both systems
  • Assignments are shown just above the workflow
Tekmetric Employee Name

Administrator Setup – Tekmetric

  • Verify the Employee name in Tekmetric
  • First and last name is all you need
  • Characters must match in Autoflow
Autoflow SMS UserName

Administrator Setup – Autoflow

  • Navigate to your manage users page
  • Click “edit information” on the user you wish to map
  • Enter name as it appears in Tekmetric in the SMS username field
  • Click save

Example:  Mapping for DVI import

Tekmetric Mapped Inspection user

Example:  Mapping on the WO job assignements

Autoflow Work Order Assigned

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