Tekmetric Work Order Generation

Complete Digital Work Orders – Generated on demand

Tekmetric Estimate

Step 1:  Build the estimate in Tekmetric

  • Add your parts and labor or canned jobs, etc.
Autoflow Dynamic Worksheet Button (DWB)

Step 2:  Navigate to the WO in Autoflow

  • You can use the Dynamic Worksheet Button (DWB) and select the WO from the drop down
  • Or click the WO button (Dark Blue) on the workflow
Autoflow Work Order Generation

Step 3:  Generate the WO from ticket in Tekmetric

  • The first user to access the WO will be the one to generate
  • If you say no, the WO will remain blank, and you can manually add items
  • Click Yes, the WO will transfer from the ticket in Tekmetric
Autoflow Work Order

Step 4:  Leverage the benefits of a Digital Work Order

  1. Regenerate the work order as new jobs are added, Autoflow will reconcile the WO with the estimate in Tekmetric
  2. Expand each job, showing the full list of parts and labor items.  Including qty. and part#
  3. Technicians can be assigned and can clock in to work and mark jobs complete as they go.

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