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Your markerboard is dead without you

March 22, 2021

Your markerboard is dead without you

by Mar 22, 2021

Being the communication medium between highly competent technicians and highly demanding clients is only one challenge point behind the counter of an auto repair facility. That point gets plenty of love thanks to texting and digital vehicle inspections.

What about the other key source of stress for service advisors? Keeping techs at peak production while keeping promises for deadlines with clients.

Software solutions exist for this, too. In a lot of ways, the task of communicating technical intricacies related to repairs pales in comparison to the balancing act an advisor faces when confronting our most limited and valuable resource, time.

Ultimately, this issue can be boiled down to a relatively simple question: What am I working on next? Isn’t this the question techs are waiting for you to get off the phone to answer?

I have seen all kinds of “answers” to this problem attempted in the form of conventional mechanisms: markerboards, notepads, clipboards, envelopes, and metal racks…something we can point to, someplace we can touch or reference.

All of these have a key deficiency. They aren’t LIVE. Constant touches by you are needed for these methods to remain even slightly relevant.

  • Crossing out
  • Erasing
  • Rewriting
  • Reprinting
  • Walking back and forth
  • Reshuffling clipboards
  • Restuffing plastic sleeves…
Digital dashboards can breathe some life into your organization, making dispatching and delivery of expectations far more clear.
  • Drag and drop assignments
  • Time tracking for estimated completion
  • Time tracking for time in current status
  • % of completion per job / per ticket
  • Real-time updates on tech’s tablet
  • Visual filters that keep you focused on priorities
  • All staffers can see it from wherever they are (even off site!)
  • Automation (work done / closed / status updates, etc.)
  • Programmable alerts / notifications

If you are tired of putting out fires or reacting to the high-pressure dynamic fluctuations of your daily objectives, try modernizing your solutions.

What are you working on next?

Craig O'Neill

Craig O'Neill

Vice President of Training

Craig O'Neill