How to access support in tool

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Access the Support Page

  1. To reach the support page select the circled question mark at the top over the main dashboard.
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Access the support page from a mobile device

  1. Select the three bar menu at the top left.
  2. Select the support option
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Support, Quick Links, and Knowledge Base Categories

  1. Release notes show recent updates to Autoflow software.
  2. User Type Training will take you to our training pages covering many topics to help your team learn features of Autoflow. This field is dynamic depending on if you are logged in as an Admin, Service Writer or Technician.
  3. Contact Support will direct you to the Autoflow help center where you can submit a support ticket.
  4. Remote Connection is used to give an Autoflow support team member access to your desktop in order to troubleshoot issues and integrate Autoflow with other software.
  5. Knowledge Base Categories are subjects of conversion we release articles on to help answer commonly asked questions and interesting features to help you use Autoflow.
  6. Quick Links are direct links for the most common inquiries. These quick links are dynamic and will be related to your integration and subscription level.
Helpful Resources

Helpful Resources

  1. Diagnose your device and network here with a network test.
  2. Browser Support list our recommended browsers.
  3. Hardware Requirements list tablets and PCs we recommend for using Autoflow.
  4. Contact Information gives multiple ways to reach our support team. we recommend submitting a support ticket as you will get the quickest response.
Speed and Function Tests

Speed and Function Tests

Our support team may wish to assess your network or device. This test involves three steps:

  1. On the Speed Test select the Start box to run a speed test on your network.
  2. On the function test select the Start box to test the capabilities of your device.
  3. After running both tests select Send Report to Support so that our team can look over the tests.

When submitted, device details such as browser version, operating system and other details are also provided. This data helps us ensure you have the best experience possible.

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