MSO Reporting

Access your MSO reports

MSO Reporting 1
  • MSO reporting is accessible from the admin login of your main location (this will be determined when MSO reporting is setup).
  • MSO reporting can be found under your “Reports” tab in the upper right of your page.
  • Two main MSO Reports are available for shop by shop comparisons.
    • The New MSO Report is updated nightly and includes enhanced features.
    • The ‘old’ MSO Report is updated weekly and remains useful for basic review.
  • Corporations with approximately ten locations or more may be issued a corporate environment that serves as the main MSO administration site.

New MSO Report – Location Overview

MSO Reporting 2
  • From the Reports dropdown select New MSO Report.
  • You will see the overall stats for all locations for the selected month.
    • The number of inspections across your enterprise, along with text messages and other relevant statistics is a great way to track your growth as an organization and your adoption with the tool.
  • Sort by any metric in ascending /descending order with the arrows in the upper right corner of the metric name field.
  • Apply filters for up to three metrics at a single time, Show combined stats of all locations and reset view options with the tabs in the upper right.
  • If you are looking for stats on an individual location, the search box allows you to isolate that location quickly.

New MSO Report – Expanded Location Details

MSO Reporting 3
  • Click to expand details for a specific location.
  • 6-month history (from date selected) is shown.
  • 6 Charts for key metric.
    • Click the colored boxes to turn on/off chart variable so you can see the data relevant to you.
    • Learning to look at these quickly will help you identify trends related to staff turnover, how car count affects your inspection performance, and more.

Viewing Store level Reports from One Login

MSO Reporting 4

Isolate a shop that is underperforming? Need more details? Need to zero in on a specific staff member?

The shop level reports are easily accessible from your main store admin login.

  • Login to MSO Admin Login – this will open up access to all reports for that location.
    • MSO Admin Login is a separate password from the location admin password and will be provided when the MSO Reporting is activated. This password is ONLY for the reporting, and ONLY for the admin login.
  • Use the dropdown menu in the upper left to select which location you would like to see any of the Autoflow reports.

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