MSO DVI’s / Group Sheets

DVI Sheet Setup – Group Sheets

DVI Sheet Setup – Group Sheets
  • Login to your Main Location, same one used for your MSO Reports.
  • From the admin menu access your DVI Sheet Setup page.
  • Select the sheet you would like to share with other locations in your enterprise.
  • Click in the Group Sheet box to open your options.

Sharing Sheets vs. Managed Defaults

 Sharing Sheets vs. Managed Defaults
  • Master Default – will make that sheet the default for all locations, overriding the locations selected default sheet Note: Shops are not prevented from performing alternate sheets, but they will see your master sheet as the default.
  • If you use “Allow all shops to access this sheet” all locations will have access to the sheet but, the locations selected default will be left unchanged.
  • With “Allow all shops to access this sheet” turned off you can select individual locations to have access to the sheet. Locations default selected sheet will be left unchanged with this action.

DVI History Across All Locations

Sometimes clients are patrons of multiple stores in your network. Inspection history from your network is visible to other shops in your network.

DVI History shared between location for a clients vehicle.

DVI History
  • A vehicle with inspections completed at another location will show that history for techs at shops in your network.
    • VIN Match required
    • Client name and phone number must match.
  • To access, click the Sheets button on the top of a DVI.
  • Select Previous History from the Sheets dropdown in the upper right.

DVI History

DVI History 2
  • Once the history has been opened you can review the history of all DVI’s completed for that vehicle at any of your locations.
  • Click the links to see details such as:
    • Notes, recommendations, images, videos
    • Signoff Tech / SA
    • Dates / Times

Additional tools are available to manage communication with multiple clients on a single ticket. To learn how to manage and leverage groups or multiple numbers click here.