NAPA TRACS Enterprise Status Mapping

There are 2 mapped statuses between NAPA TRACS Enterprise and Autoflow

The first mapped status Repair Order – Checkin

  • When your ticket is ready to be transferred to Autoflow.
  • Open the “Status” drop-down menu on the ticket in NAPA TRACS Enterprise.
  • Select “Repair Order” from the menu and “Save” the ticket.
  • Refresh your Autoflow “active Customer” page
  • Your ticket from NAPA TRACS Enterprise will be in the “Checkin” status in Autoflow

The second mapped status Complete – Ready

  • When the work is completed, the vehicle and ticket are ready for the customer
  • Check the box in front of “Complete” and “Save” the ticket
  • Refresh your Autoflow “active Customer” page
  • The status for that ticket has changed to “Ready” and text message to customer has been sent.

*Note: Status mapping will be taken care of by Autoflow during the integration setup.

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